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Amanda Jetton » A little about Mrs. Jetton (pronounced Je-tawn)

A little about Mrs. Jetton (pronounced Je-tawn)

Hello Cougars and welcome to Kindergarten!
I am Mrs. Jetton and this will be my 9th year teaching. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education-minor in English as a Second Language. 
I live in Tomball with my husband Kevin and our 3 year old son, Ethan.
I love to travel, read, swim, and eat buffalo wings :)
I am so excited to be teaching Kinder this year at Timber Creek!

Recent Posts

Timber Creek Math and Science Night is THIS THURSDAY, February 22nd!!

Please download a free QR Reader to your smart device to “FAST PASS” possible lines at the estimation stations and sign in! 

There will be several opportunities to enter to win PRIZES and the class with the highest attendance will win a PIZZA PARTY! 

We are cannot wait for all the fun on Thursday night from 5 pm-7pm! 

Happening This Week...

Language Arts:
Reader's Workshop:
-can identify a fairy tale
-can recognize characters (good vs evil)
-can identify a fable
-understand the big idea of fables
Writer's Workshop:
-can add detail by including 3 things
-can think of a strong beginning for their story 
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:
-sight words
-making words using -ash and -at
-CVC words
-counting on from a given number
-skip counting by 10
-100's chart activities
Science/Social Studies:
-animal needs
-Texas symbols
**Math and Science night is this THURSDAY! From 5-7!

Jump Rope For Heart

Dear Parents—

We are wrapping up Jump Rope For Heart with the American Heart Association. Thank you so much for helping our campus stay heart healthy and save lives at the same time! If you haven't had a chance to join the squad there's still a little time left to earn the #ScareSquad monsters. Sign up now at www.heart.org/Jump or download the Jump/Hoops App (App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android).

Thanks for making our community heart healthy!


Kindergarten Program!


It is time for our Kinder Program, “Kinder’s Got Talent.” The information is as follows:

Date: Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Time: 9am for the school

           6pm for parents

Location: Timber Creek Elementary Cafeteria

Dress: Blue Jeans / Blue Jean skirt and their class t-shirt.


PLEASE NOTE: If your child doesn’t have a class shirt, this is the color that they can wear:


HARCROW: navy blue   /  JETTON: mint green  /   BARTON: lime green  /   MITCHELL: light blue


**Please bring tennis shoes for PE on the program day!**

Every child has an important role in this program and they have been working so hard. Thank you for your time and cooperation, and we are looking forward to presenting this great program!

Happening This Week...

We have a very busy and FUN week ahead :)
-No school for kids this Friday the 16th and Monday the 19th
-Valentines Day is fast approaching!  We will be exchanging valentines in the classroom with each other.  We will decorate bags to use as mail boxes.  I am asking that you please bring one valentine for each student in our class (22 students) and that you do not personally address each one.  Please just write who the valentine is from.  This greatly helps in the ease of passing them out in class.
-Our 100th day of school will be on Thursday Feb. 15th. To celebrate the kids can dress up like they are 100 years old.  Here are some ideas to help you get started planning what they can wear.
Girls: printed skirt, pearls, eye glasses, sweater, curled hair, gray hair spray,high knee stockings, scarf
Boys: button down shirt, flannel shirt, suspenders, tie, eye glasses, drawn on mustache
-Math and Science Night is Feb. 22
-Read Across America is Feb 26-March 2. Please be on the look out for the themes each day. This is one week that the kids LOVE dressing up for. :)
This week we are learning:
Language Arts:
Reader's Workshop:
-can identify a fairy tale
-recognize recurring phrases of a fairy tale
-can talk about the setting of a fairy tale
Writer's Workshop:
-can look at fiction like a writer
-can use different characters in their fictional story
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:
-sight words
-making words using -ell
-CVC words
-100 chart puzzles
-Counting to 100
-using patterns in 100 chart
Science/Social Studies:
-Texas Symbols
-Living and Non-living

Progress Reports...

Parents, because of the amount of absences last week and the beginning of this week-I have not had a chance to finish assessments for the progress reports that were supposed to go home today! I apologize, and I am trying to get them home to you by Friday! Thanks for your patience :)

Happening This Week...

*We will be passing out Valentines to our classmates the morning of Feb. 14th.  We have 22 students in our class. You may send them in that morning or earlier if you would like. 
*Our 100th day of school is Thursday Feb 15th. Dress up like you are 100 years old!
*No school for students Feb 16th and Feb 19th. 
*Math/Science Night is Thursday Feb 22nd from 5:00-7:00.
Language Arts:
-retelling the main events in order (first, next, then,last)
-understanding how the ideas in the text are related to the title
-revising and editing
-keep letters in words close together
-capital letters to start a sentence
-writing with lowercase letters
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:
-sight words
-CVC words
-making words with (ug)
Counting to 100
-missing numbers on a hundreds chart
-patterns in a hundreds chart
-number order
Science/Social Studies:
-day and night (things in the sky and patterns)

Happening this week....

Readers can:
-use strategies to figure out words they don't know 
-look for small words inside bigger words to help decode them
-notice word ending like -s and -ing
-notice and use ending punctuation and reflect it in their voice when reading 
-reflect understanding of words in bold by saying the words louder
Writers can:
-write personal narratives
-add details to their words by using describing words or their five senses
-know that stories have a beginning, middle, and end
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:
-isolate medial sounds (short vowel sounds)
-segments phonemes (can they tell you all the individual sounds that they hear in a word)
-Sight words: on, they, he, she
 -read, write, represent numbers 11-20
-notice that numbers in the teens have a group of 10
-compare numbers to 20 (more/less/same)
-can generate a group of objects that is more/less/same
-can generate a number that is 1 more or 1 less than a given number
Science/Social Studies:
-discuss the pattern of the seasons
-talk about the President and what his job is
-talk about George Washington

Happening This Week...

What we are learning this week:

Language Arts:


-procedural text has features such as things you need and steps

-describe characters and the reasons for their actions


-procedural text (teach others how to do something)

-add details to their words to tell about the setting

-add details to their words to tell about the characters

 Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:

-sight words

-making words with (ing)

-medial sounds


-Numbers 1-20

-comparing numbers

-building teen numbers

-1 more/1 less

Science/Social Studies:

-patriotic symbols


-seasons: summer and fall

School Starts WEDNESDAY!!!

I cannot wait to see all my kiddos and hear about what they did for the holiday!
See you all on Wednesday :)

Happening This Week...

Our Christmas Party will be Next Friday December 22nd from 9:50-10:40.  Parents are invited, so we hope to see you there!  You are welcome to check your child out early after the party if you wish without being counted absent.  If you choose to do so, you will sign them out on a sign up sheet I will have and I will then give you a pass that you will need to exit the building.
Polar Express Day will be next Thursday December 21st.  Your child may wear pajamas that day to school but please make sure they wear regular shoes.  Please send a water bottle or a water container (Thermos-type) with your child so they will have something to drink with their popcorn.  
Please view the sign up if you are willing to donate any of the items for upcoming activities with class-it would be very much appreciated :)
Readers can:
-identify the characters and the reasons for their actions
-respond to the stories that they read.
-sequence a story and activities
Writers can:
-respond to what they are reading
- use conventions when writing (starts with capital letter, writes all others with lowercase letters, uses spaces between words, and punctuation at the end)
-use the word wall to help them spell sight words in their writing
-to use beginning and ending sounds when writing 
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:
-notice features of letters (tall, short, hang off the line, straight lines, curved lines, slanted lines)
-Sight Words: review all words
 -some FUN Christmas Graphing activities
- review numbers (1-20)
Science/Social Studies:
-Christmas Around the World: each day your child will "travel" to a new place to learn something that that country does to celebrate the holidays.

Happening This Week...

Language Arts:
-Reader's Workshop: readers can show understanding of the text by using pictures and words.
-Writer's Workshop: writers can write with appropriate conventions while writing responses to what they just read.
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness:
-beginning and ending sounds
-sentence segmetation
-sight words
-Financial Literacy
-Job skills
-Ways to earn an income
-Differences between gifts and income
Social Studies/Science:
-Natural Resources of Water
-Only Science this week because next week is all social studies as the kids do holidays around the world.