Changing Contact Information through Home Access Center (HAC):


Updating a Phone number or Email address:

Below is the process to update phone numbers or email addresses:

  • Login to Home Access Center
  • Click the Registration link located in the left-hand menu
  • Once on the Registration screen, click on Edit Information
  • Make the necessary changes and click Save
    • Parents can only update their information or their child’s information.
    • NOTE: A parent cannot change another parent’s contact information.


When a phone number or email address is changed, the Registrar will be notified via email.


Updating an Address:

In order to update the address, the parent must contact the Registrar’s Office, as parents cannot make address updates in Home Access Center.

  • Email the Registrar requesting the address be updated. Please include the following in the email:
    • The student(s) name and ID #
    • A PDF or photo of current proof of residency (ex: gas/water/electric bill, lease agreement, etc).