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This is my 14th year teaching, and my Fourth year at Timber Creek. I am a graduate of the University of Houston with specializations in early childhood and reading. My husband and I were blessed with two precious boys. Will is starting 5th grade and Hudson is starting 3rd grade. I love working at Timber Creek, and I am excited to be your child's teacher!!
Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns. Together we will make your child's 1st Grade year a success!

Contact Information:
Email: sarahcobb@tomballisd.net
Phone: (281) 357-3060 ext. 4646

Recent Posts

Field Day Info

Friday is Field Day - please have students wear sunscreen, our green class t-shirts and bring a complete change of clothes.  We would love to have you come out to support us or volunteer on the field! 
Field Day for K-2 is from 9:00-11:00.
Our lunch time will be: 1:25-1:00.

Thank You!!!

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had such a sweet class this year!! It has been my joy to watch your children learn and grow.  You all truly made me feel so loved an appreciated this week.  Thank you so much for the flowers, cards, gifts and treats. I feel very blessed to be your child's teacher!!


On Monday, May 21st we are having a read-a-thon day.  We would love to have you come and read to our class!! I have 5 time slots available, and would love to have as many as possible filled.  The students are also allowed to bring books, stuffed animal, blanket, and flashlight to help us enjoy the day flashlight.  Please see the link if you are interested in signing up!

April 23-27


Book Fair this week in the library.  First grade's shopping time is from 2:30-3:00 daily.  If you would like to join your child to shop, stop by the front office to sign in and they will call our classroom and you can meet your child in the library :)

We could use a few more containers of playdoh for an upcoming landform lesson.  We especially need blue, green, and brown playdoh.  Thank you for being so generous this year with sending in supplies to enrich our learning!
Our objectives for the week are:
Math: money - we will sort pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, learn the names and values of each, and practice skip counting by 2's with pennies, 5's with nickels, and 10's with dimes.
Science: animals - investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.  This week we will look at mammals and how some animals use camouflage.  Test on Thursday.
ELA: words with inflectional ending -ing (spelling test on Friday). We will continue working on our board games in class.  We will look at digital newspaper articles online (kid friendly).  
Social Studies: maps - test on Friday.  Important words to know and understand: maps (a flat picture of a place), compass rose (a star shaped tool to help find north, south, east, and west on a map), map key (tells what the symbols on a map stand for), symbols (simple pictures on a map that stand for a thing, place, or area), title (tells what the map is showing you)

Media Release for Chicks

Hi Parents,
At a team meeting this morning our team started to talk about a project we do later in the year; every spring we hatch chicks. We wanted to look into getting a grant for a new chick habitat (using the same company we used for the butterfly grant), and when we started looking at the paperwork we saw that the due date for the application would be this Friday (eek!!). 
We are going to plow ahead and try to make this work, but we've had to rush to start the process. We are sending home a media release form for our application video (the non-profit that does the grants shows examples to other teachers). For your child to be included in the video we must have it back by tomorrow. We have to move too quickly on this to accept any after that.
Thank you for your help with this!

Butterfly Garden

Hi Parents!
Mrs. Grimes and I wrote a grant to get a butterfly garden for our school. Materials for it are arriving at 7:30 Thursday morning. If you are in the area and available, we could use some help unloading the items ( We have 40 cinder blocks, plants soil etc. arriving). Please let me know if you think you can help!!

April 2 - 6

Our objectives for the week are:
Math: new unit on geometry - classify and sort 2D shapes
Science: plants - **We have a ton of fun science activities planned through the end of the school year; click on this link: grade level sign up sheet for items needed. Please consider helping us bring these great activities to life (also included are items needed for "contraction surgery" in May). Thank you to those that have already signed up to help - you are appreciated! Many spots still open. Monday, April 2, bring a flower (picked from your garden or a wild flower - no need to get anything fancy from the store) and seed project due Tuesday, April 3.  Plant test on Thursday.
ELA: long vowel with silent e review (test on Friday), readers will learn more strategies to use while reading (focus on vowel pairs, compound words, and fluency)  For writing we will continue to look at Kevin Henkes books as well as Moe Willems (Elephant and Piggie/Pigeon) books and write small moment stories. 
Social Studies: we will learn about Texas history: we will create a Texas symbol booklet.  We will also compare and contrast the Texas versus the US flag.

Science Lesson Donations

We have a ton of fun science activities planned through the end of the school year; attached is a grade level sign up sheet for items. Please consider helping us bring these great activities to life!! Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Mar. 19 - 23

New spelling pages will go into the homework folders on Tuesday when the students return.  The words are: note, wrote, those, bone, pole, rode, woke, code, stove, slope, joke, shone, more, before, who

Our objectives for the week are:
Math: continue measurement, focusing on learning time to hour and half hour (math test next Thursday, March 29th)
Science: new unit on plants - we will identify basic plant parts and needs
ELA: spelling words with long o (test on Friday), readers will learn more strategies to use while reading (focus on consonant clusters and word endings such as -s, -ed, -ing.  *Consonant clusters or blends, are the names given to two or three consonants that appear together in a word. Each consonant retains its sound when blended.  An anchor chart will be shared with students.)  For writing we will loop back to writing small moments and trying to make our writing look like a famous author's writing.  This week we will look at a lot of Kevin Henkes books.
Social Studies: we will learn about Texas history: San Jacinto, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Jose Navarro

Hope you all had a wonderful and restful spring break!  Let's finish our school year strong with lots of learning!  Looking forward to seeing the kids on Tuesday!

PTO needs your help! Please support our school!

 Our Spring Fundraiser for TCES is coming up quick and PTO needs your help!! The sign up link below is for all of First Grade's Contributions. We only have a few slots filled so far-- thank you to those volunteers! Please sign up to help support our school! 

Here is the link from PTO, if you wish to donate to our Spring Fundraiser - Dash & Bash....


Online yearbook sales and 5th grade ad purchases closed out this weekend. We've asked the company to re-open sales through Friday; they have told us that the website should be live again tomorrow. This is the last opportunity to guarantee a yearbook.  We order a set number each year and can not re-order. When we sell out we are totally out! If you haven't ordered I encourage you to go to balfour.com and place your order this week!​