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Hello from Mrs. Abbey Woelmer!
(formerly Miss Doering)

All About Me

This is my fifth year teaching second grade at Timber Creek Elementary. I grew up in Hubbard, Iowa and have loved living here in Texas. In 2012
I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) with a degree in
Elementary Education with a double minor of literacy and science. In Texas
that means I am certified to teach EC-6. I love teaching second grade and have so much fun watching students soak up information throughout the year.

This summer my husband and celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We have been very blessed to have so many family and friends around us this as we helped three of my in-laws celebrate weddings this year. (Yes that will be four family weddings in fourteen months for my husband's family.) Jacob is originally from Nebraska but moved to Plano when he was ten years old. He is a civil engineer and loves everything connected to Texas A&M. 

My family all live in Iowa and I usually go back to visit them over long holidays. My mom and dad live on farm where they grow corn and soybeans. Their dog Jango, an English Shepherd, is the baby of the house as my mom spoils him rotten now that they are empty-nesters. My mom is also a teacher and teaches K-4 Title 1 Reading. I have two brothers, Carter and Joshua. Carter works for a media company in Ames, Iowa and gets to video many sporting events and coaches across the country. Joshua is also working in Ames for an investment company and loves being apart of their company sporting events. 

In my free time I love to sing, dance and read a good book with a cup of
coffee. I also like to spend time with my friends and family back in Iowa but
also enjoy making all kinds of new friends in Texas!
My Favorite Things: 
Colors: Turquoise, Red and Gold
Drink: Caramel Latte 
Snack: Granola bars, chocolate, and lots of fruit
Stores: Target, Amazon, and Aldi

I can't wait to meet you this year and get to know you soon!

-Mrs. Woelmer

Recent Posts


Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!


Timber Creek Math and Science Night is THIS THURSDAY, February 22nd!!

Please download a free QR Reader to your smart device to “FAST PASS” possible lines at the estimation stations and sign in! 

There will be several opportunities to enter to win PRIZES and the class with the highest attendance will win a PIZZA PARTY! 

We are cannot wait for all the fun on Thursday night from 5 pm-7pm!  Be sure to stop by the second grade pod for a treat for all second graders who attend.

I will be placing a Scholastic order tomorrow. If you are interested, please order by tonight. 

The Gifted & Talented parent recommendation window for spring testing is now open for students in grades 1 - 5. If interested in testing, please pick up a permission form & parent survey from the front office or send your request for permission forms to sherisims@tomballisd.net. Deadline for receiving recommendations is March 9th. Please contact Ms. Sims with questions. Test results will be available in late May. 

Read Across America week is coming! See the flyer below for all of the fun dress up days next week!
This week in reading students will dig deeper into our comprehension of fiction stories by focusing on different fiction series books that we read. We will discuss things that we may see in series books such as a reoccurring setting or characters. 
Reading: No homework this week
For writing students will continue to work on persuasive writing. We will write a letter to convince Mrs. Thompson to allow us to do something. We will work on facts that will convince her to do what we are asking. We will also discuss apostrophes to show possession.
Spelling- week 21: ur, ure, our
sure, lurch, purrs, hurt, cure, burst, pure, flour, churches, blurt, spur, sour, hour, earth, eye, light, thought, head, our, new
During math students will learn how to measure area by counting square units. We will learn how to measure using a broken ruler. Then, we will begin to learn how to measure time. Our fact test this week will be mixed review. 
Math- page 735-736
In science we will continue to learn about the water cycle and weather. We will take a test over this unit on Thursday. To study, please use the review attached to the bottom of the homework page. Then, we will begin to study objects in the sky.
For social studies we will discuss the importance of timelines and then we will move on to a unit to on historical figures. 


Weekly question- Science review located on the homework page

Take care and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday night!

Mrs. Woelmer

02-15-18 American Heart Association

Dear Parents—

We are wrapping up Jump Rope For Heart with the American Heart Association. Thank you so much for helping our campus stay heart healthy and save lives at the same time! If you haven't had a chance to join the squad there's still a little time left to earn the #ScareSquad monsters. Sign up now atwww.heart.org/Jump or download the Jump/Hoops App (App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android).

02-14-18 A message from Mrs. Sims

The Gifted & Talented parent recommendation window for spring testing is now open for students in grades 1 - 5. If interested in testing, please pick up a permission form & parent survey from the front office or send your request for permission forms to sherisims@tomballisd.net. Deadline for receiving recommendations is March 9th. Please contact Ms. Sims with questions. Test results will be available in late May.





Happy Monday! It's going to be a fun week this week! 
Wednesday is Valentine's day. We will pass out Valentine's day cards before the party. If you plan to send cards, please make sure you send one for every child. We have 19 students in our class. You can address them "To my friend." The party will be from 2:30-3:30. See you then!
On Wednesday, our school is participating in a ONE DAY ONLY canned food drive. Our goal is for every student and staff member to bring in one canned food item. Please send this in on Wednesday. Thanks! 
The 100th day of school is on Thursday. Please remember to make your 100 day shirt! I can't wait to see how creative you can be! We have a lot of fun activities planned for the day. 
Due to the shortened week, our spelling test will be on Thursday. Homework will also be due on Thursday.
Planner- In order to prepare our students for third grade, we will begin writing all assessments on a calendar that will be in your child's homework folder. Please keep the calendar in the folder. We will add to it every Monday.  
There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, February 16 and Monday, February 19.
This week in reading we will continue to learn about author's purpose. We will explore different genres- fiction, non-fiction, and literary non-fiction. Students should be able to describe the differences between the three genres and identify the author's purpose for each. 
Reading: NONE
In writing this week students will explore fact and opinion as we develop our persuasive papers. We will review prepositions.

Spelling:r controlled -ir

dirt, first, bird, skirt, flirt, third, birth, swirl, chirp, squirt, thirst, smirk, firm, keep, tree, never, start, city, second, shirt

For math this week we will continue to work on measuring length. We will take a mid-point assessment this Wednesday. The assessment will cover estimating length, choosing the best unit for measurement, and a review of 3 digit addition and subtraction through problem solve. To review for the test, please complete the review that is attached to the homework page. Please note that we will take our fact test on Tuesday this week. It will be mixed facts again this week. 
Math: Please complete the online math review attached to the Homework page.
In science we will continue to study the water cycle. The new vocabulary words that we need to know are precipitation, collection (accumulation), evaporation, condensation, water vapor, and dew. 
Weekly question: Draw and label the water cycle. Don't forget to include the following words: precipitation, condensation, accumulation (collection), evaporation, water vapor.
During social studies students will use the pictures that were collected last week to create our own personal timeline for a major grade. 


Have a marvelous Monday and see you at the Valentine's Day party,

Mrs. Woelmer



02-06-18 Cold and Flu Season

Hi Parents,
Thank you so much for reminding your child to do everything possible to stay well during this cold and flu season. While we cannot prevent all illnesses, it is so appreciated to help remind your child to cough in their elbow, wash hands before and after each meal and be sure to use hand sanitizer after blowing your nose. We had a great time with stinky feet for our attendance award on Monday and I hope we can continue to help Timber Creek stay as healthy as possible. Thank you for all that you do! 
Have a terrific Tuesday!
Mrs. Woelmer

02-15-18 Fabulous February!

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a great weekend!

100th day of School


Thursday, February 15, 2018 we will celebrate the 100th day of school. Students can design a t-shirt using 100 of something. The “100 things” can be painted on the shirt, pinned or attached in any way. Some suggestions are attaching 100 buttons, sponge painting 100 stars, or 100 thumbprints. Use your imagination! All students who participate in the contest will receive something special - one boy winner and one girl winner from our class will be chosen as an overall winner and receive a free ice cream at lunch.




Valentine's day is quickly approaching. We will be exchanging valentine's in the classroom with each other. If you chose to send in valentines, please make sure you send in one for every child. We have 19 students in our classroom.  We will have a Valentine's day party on February 14, 2018 from 2:30-3:30. Parents are invited to attend. I can't wait to see you there!


Keep reading your Ivan books and don't forget to log them on your sheet for the free six flags ticket that went home last week in Wednesday folders. You're already reading, you might as well get a free ticket out of it!! 


This week in reading students will learn about author's purpose. We will practice identifying the reason author's write stories. We will explore different types of books written for different reasons including literary nonfiction. Students should be able to recognize the different characteristics of fiction, nonfiction and literary nonfiction. 

Reading: Clouds and Rain

For writing this week students will begin a unit on persuasive writing. We will practice writing stories that persuade our audience of our point of view. Students should recognize the difference between an opinion statement and a factual statement.
Spelling Week 19: er, or, ear
work, germ, herd, perch, clerk, term, world, worse, nerve, verse, earth, search, pearl, country, plant, last, school, father, hear, near
In math students will being a new unit on measurement. We will practice measuring using rulers, meter sticks, and yard sticks. New vocabulary: inches, centimeters, feet, meters, yards, and estimate. Our fact test will be a review of facts covered this year. 
Math: page 411-412
During science we will learn about the water cycle this week. New vocabulary: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, accumulation (collection). Students should also recognize the different kinds of clothes we wear in different seasons for various types of weather.
For social studies this week we will continue to learn about timelines. We will focus on creating a timeline for Amelia Earhart. Pictures for our personal timelines are due on Friday. 
Weekly question: Gather photos for your Timeline- please have photos to school by this Friday.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Woelmer

01-31-18 Last Day of January!

Good afternoon!
To practice for our science test, here is a review game to play. https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/6d4d314b-583c-404e-8006-a32344145e55
You will need two devices to play. Click the link for one of the devices. On the other device, go to https://kahoot.it/ Your child will use the code on the first device to play. The students know how to login and are almost experts. The game is a competition of who can answer the questions correctly and quickly. Try to get the whole family involved! 
Please encourage your child to read you their poem out loud at home. We will perform them on Friday for a daily grade. Students do not need to have these memorized but fluency is part of the grade. 
Valentine's day is quickly approaching. We will be exchanging valentine's in the classroom with each other. If you chose to send in valentines, please make sure you send in one for every child. We have 19 students in our classroom.  We will have a Valentine's day party on February 14, 2018 from 2:30-3:30. Parents are invited to attend. I can't wait to see you there!
Progress reports are coming home in Wednesday folders. Please sign and return them.
I also have a classroom supply request. If you are able, we are looking for a package of paper plates and a package of manila file folders. The simplest ones will be great!  We will be using them in class next week.  Thank you again for all of your help and support!
Spirit night tonight at Chick-fil-a! 
Have a great day!
Mrs. Woelmer


Happy Monday to All! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the last few days in January. 

I will be placing a Scholastic order this week. If you are interested in ordering, please submit your order online by Tuesday. 

Math facts- the math facts are becoming more challenging. I want to encourage you to practice these at home. First in math has a fantastic game called Very Important Facts (VIF) to practice facts. The game teaches you about the facts before being able to play the game. 

Library- Friendly reminder that our library day is TUESDAY. Please make sure your child brings their books back to school. 

This week in reading we will be continuing our unit on poetry. Students will still be looking for repetition, rhyme and rhythm in addition to making mental images in their minds. Students will be completing their Major Grade for poetry on Thursday this week. They will also perform their self-chosen poem for the class as apart of daily grade. Please have your child practice for you at home and be sure that they have their poem for Friday.

Reading: Read Cotton: From Field to Closet

For writing this week we will also continue with poetry. A few poetry types we will try are cinquain and haiku. We will also be talking about onomatopoeia, alliteration and using sensory imagery adjectives in poems. It is a great idea to be sure your child knows the difference in purposes for nouns, adjectives and verbs. Students will be compiling a booklet of different poem types they have created throughout this unit for their Major grade due on Friday. They can be a little tricky when we are also looking for specific syllables in words too. 

Spelling: Week 18: ar, are, air

far, hair, parks, care, stair, dark, start, hard, charm, scare, spark, glare, chair, add, food, between, own, below, fair, air 

During math students will be reviewing how  solve 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping this week. We will have our test on Friday. Please complete the math page sent home as a review. Our fact test this week will be a review. 

Math: 3 digit problem solving review

In science we will work on natural resources again this week. We will have a test that will cover salt water/fresh water, rocks, and natural vs. man made resources on Thursday. I will send a review home later in the week.  

Weekly question: Timeline project​

For social studies we will learn about timelines this week. We will practice reading them and creating them. Please look at the timeline paper sent home in homework folder.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Woelmer

01-22-18 Marvelous Monday!

Hello All! 
It seems like forever and ago that we have been in school on a Monday! 
On Wednesday, we will begin our Texas Reads One Book for this year. If you remember, last year we read The Lemonade War as a campus. This year, we will read The One and Only Ivan. Your family will get a copy of the book and a calendar to keep pace. I want to encourage you to read this book with your family. Look for your book and calendar to come home on Wednesday.
 Thank you for helping out with the Culture project at home. The students began their summaries today and will begin their posters tomorrow. They are excited to share their knowledge with their peers.
This week in reading we will continue to discuss poetry and find rhyme, rhythm, and repetition examples in the texts. Students should also be looking for sensory imagery words and making mental pictures in their minds from the words that they read. 
Reading: Read From Sheep to Sweater and answer the questions

In writing we will also be working on creating poetry in different forms. We have started a diamante poem and will be writing cinquain, haiku, acrostic and shape/concrete poems too.

Spelling: week 17

roar, soar, board, boar, mourn, court, war, warps, wart, warn, your, swarm, four, America, world, high, every, near, warm, Texas

During math students will review 3 digit addition with regrouping. Then, we will work on 3 digit subtraction with regrouping. We will continue to practice using strategies to solve these types of problems. Our fact test this week will review the last two weeks- doubles, using 10, and using doubles.

Math: page 381-382

For science students will review freshwater and saltwater. We will learn about natural and man-made resources. We will practice identifying items as natural or mad-made.

Weekly question: Draw and label 3 different places where you can find freshwater and saltwater. Name 2 animals that live in each place. ​

This week in social studies students will write their summary and create our poster for our Culture/Traditions project. We will present our projects on Friday

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week,

Mrs. Woelmer

01-17-18 A Wacky Winter Wednesday!

Good afternoon! 
It sure has been an interesting start to 2018! I'm happy to report that we will be back at school tomorrow. I hope that you enjoyed this unexpected time off with your family! 
On Friday, a note was sent home explaining a Cultural Traditions project for social studies. I hope you had time to read over that paper and begin the research at home. Your child is welcome to choose one of the countries listed on the sheet but are not limited to the list if they are excited about a specific country's holiday and traditions. We will continue this project as planned. Please make sure your child has the pictures/research finished and at school NO LATER than Monday, January 22. You may send it in as soon as you are ready. We will keep it safe at school until we work on the project on Monday. Please note that students must write their paper and create their poster in class. Thank you for participating in this project at home!
We will postpone our weekly spelling test until next week and there is no homework for the rest of this week. (I hope your child has found time to enjoy a good book though. :)
This week in reading we will begin a unit on poetry. We will learn about rhyme, rhythm, and repetition in poems. Students will practice creating mental images as we read different poems and think about the author's purpose for including specific word choices. 
During writing students will learn about different types of poems and create our own poems. We will practice creating poems with rhyming words and rhythm.
For math we will continue to practice adding three digit numbers. We will take last week's fact test tomorrow. That test will cover using doubles. Students will take this week's fact test on Friday. It will cover using 10 to add. This means that students can use their facts to make 10 to solve a problem. If the problem is 9+2=?, I know that 9+1=10 so one more is 11. 
In science students will continue to discuss saltwater and freshwater. We will identify where we can find saltwater and freshwater in different bodies of water. These bodies of water include: ponds, lakes, streams, glaciers, rivers, oceans and swamps/wetlands. 
During social studies students will discuss how families have changed over time. We will discuss the importance of communities celebrating different cultural holidays. Now would be a great chance to share stories about when you were little. How have things changed and has anything stayed the same? Students may enjoy asking these kinds of questions to other relatives, such as grandparents or aunts and uncles, too. 
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!
Mrs. Woelmer

01-10-18 Welcome Back Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a wonderful break. I was so excited to see everyone today and can't wait to jump back into learning this semester!
This week there will be no homework and no spelling list due to the short week. Please make sure your child is reading every night. You can also take advantage of the following websites for some extra activities to get the kiddos back in the swing of school:
First in Math- the class with the most growth earns an ice cream party. 
Raz- kidshttps://www.raz-kids.com/  Click on Kids Login. Find a teacher: Awoelmer   Students will find their name. Their lunch number is their password.
Greg Tanghttp://gregtangmath.com/. My favorite game to play is Kakooma because it helps students recognize number bonds.  
Our library time for this week will be on Thursday at 10:00. Please make all library books are returned. 
This week in reading students will review and finish up our unit on folktales by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears and comparing it to Goldi Socks and the Three Libearians. We will continue to practice using the text evidenceto prove our thinking. 
In writing students will begin a new unit on poetry. This week we will define a poem and look at the adjectives used that help create sensory images. We will discuss using our five senses to help write poetry. 
For math this week we will review how to add two digit numbers. Then, we will discuss how to add three digit numbers and comparing adding two and three digit numbers. We will also review how to regroup when adding. Our fact test will cover doubles and using doubles. Due to the shortened week, we will take our fact test on FRIDAY.
During science students will explore the differences between fresh water and salt water. We will identify where fresh water and salt water are located and describe the different properties of each. 
In social studies we will discuss families and different cultures in our classroom. We will discuss traditions and how families celebrate their culture. 
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Woelmer

12-18-22 Happy Monday!


Good afternoon! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend!


Tomorrow, Second grade students will celebrate the holidays with a Timber Creek tradition!  They will enjoy popcorn and the movie “The Polar Express” in the library.  Please send a water bottle or a water container (Thermos-type) with your child so they will have something to drink with their popcorn. Your student may wear school appropriate pajamas to school tomorrow; however, please be sure your child wears regular shoes so they may continue to participate in their Specials class and recess.  

Our holiday party will be Friday, December 22 at 9:50-10:40. Parents are invited, so we hope to see you there! If you wish to check your child out after the party, I will have the check out sheet in my classroom. 

Friday, December 22 is a half day. Students are released at 12:50. 

This week is the week to use the No Homework Pass. All students are receiving homework in their folder. If they earned a pass, they will not need to do it. I'll collect the passes on Friday morning. 

We will not have a traditional spelling list/test this week. The students chose which holiday words they would like to have on the list. We will take a spelling test over these words on Thursday. Students who score a 70% or above will earn a treat.  


**This is the week to use your No Homework Pass- please make sure you turn it in by Friday. Your child will have homework in their folder. If they earned the pass, they do not need to do it.**

 This week in reading we will finish discussing tall tales and identifying the characteristics of a tall tale. Then, we will compare different Gingerbread Man stories.

Reading:  Read Wilson Bentley and answer the questions.

For writing we will be creating an Appreciation Elf this week. We will write letters of appreciation to our friends. We will also write our own Gingerbread Man story.

Spelling: Holiday words-reindeer, Merry, cane, elves, Christmas, joyful, gingerbread, Santa, Claus, present, tree, ornament, candy, snowflakes, jingle, Rudolph, chocolate, snowflake, Grinch, winter

During math this week we will continue to learn about graphs. We will create our own tally chart, bar graph, and pictograph. There will not be a fact test this week. 

Math: page 809-810

For science this week will observe and identify rocks by their texture, size, and color.

Weekly question: What is the ONE thing you look forward to the most during Christmas break and why are you looking forward to it?

In social studies we will continue to learn about different historical figures and discuss why they are important. 

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season! I look forward to seeing you on Friday! 

Take care,

Mrs. Woelmer




Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Don't forget- Students may wear holiday hats on Fridays for the month of December.


This week week in reading we will learn about different myths, tall tales, and legends. We will identify the characteristics for each type of story and compare them to fables and fairy tales. 

Reading: Read Paul Bunyan and answer the questions

For writing students will work on writing a fable or a fairy tale this week using our organizers from the last two weeks. Students should be looking to use interesting words such as adjectives to describe a character or use prepositions in sharing about a place where the character is located.

Spelling Week 15: r controlled: or, ore, oor

more, shore, chore, for, north, porch, pork, fort, storm, poor, door, floor, score, answer, found, study, still, learn, should, torn

During math students will begin a new unit on data analysis. We will learn about bar graphs, tally charts, and pictographs. Our fact test will cover using doubles. 

Math: page 803-804

In science students will explore heat energy this week through different experiments. We will take our energy test on Friday. Students will need to know examples of light, sound and heat energy. 

Weekly question: Draw and label an example of light energy, sound energy, and heat energy. 

For social studies students will continue to learn about different historical individuals and discuss how their contributions helped our community. We will work on a project involving these individuals for a major grade. 


Have a great week!

 Mrs. Woelmer


12-4-17 Program Week Reminder from Mrs. Culver

2nd Grade Parents,

This is just another reminder! It's program week! They sound AMAZING!!!! Let me know if you have any questions!

Britney Culver 



It is time for our 2nd Grade Program, “Elves Impersonator,” and I need your help! The information is as follows:


Date: Thursday, December 7th

Time: 9:00am – for students

          6:00pm – for parents

Location: Timber Creek Elementary Cafeteria

Dress: Elf costume or Blue jeans and a red or dark green shirt

(They may also wear elf ears/elf hat)


  1. Students need to wear their costumes to school on Thursday morning for their program. They can bring a change of clothes to change in to after the program if they are wearing a full elf costume. :O)


  1. Students need to be at the school at 5:45pm for their program that night dressed in their costume attire. :O) I will release them to the pod area to get into their line-up order. The program will begin at 6pm.


Every child has an important role in this program and they have been working so hard. I need your help in getting them the appropriate attire.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail atbritneyculver@tomballisd.net or call the school at (281) 357-3060 EXT 4675.


            Thank you for your time and cooperation, and I am looking forward to them presenting this great program!



Britney Culver

Music Specialist

Timber Creek Elementary


*If your child has a speaking part, this is what they need to wear:

(You can find most of these costumes at Party City or any other costume shop)


- Elfis: Elvis costume (Elvis wig, elf ears sunglasses, and a cape)

- Santa Claus: Santa costume (with a white beard and hat)

- Mrs. Claus: Red dress with a Santa cap, white hair)

- Elf:  Elf costume (green tights/pants or striped leggings- if a girl), elf ears, elf hat

- Reindeer: Reindeer costume (brown pants and shirt, reindeer ears, red nose- either painted or a costume reindeer nose)



Mark your calendar and save the date!!

This will be one program you won’t want to miss!!!!

12-4-17 Happy December!

Happy Monday!
I hope all of you had a great weekend and are enjoying the holiday season! 
2nd grade has a music program this week that you won't want miss! The program is on Thursday, December 7th at 6:00 p.m. Families are encouraged to attend and you can find the student outfit directions on my previous post from Mrs. Culver. 
This week in reading we are discussing fairy tales and their characteristics. Students should recognize similar characteristics when comparing fables and fairy tales since both are under the genre of folktales. Fairy tales usually have a princess, prince, queen or king and most often take place in a land that is far, far away. 
Reading: Read Snow Rooms and answer the questions.

For writing this week, we students will use the fairy tale story structure to create their own fairy tale. Students should think about the theme that fairy tales usually include. Some examples could include: follow your dreams, dreams come true, and never give up. Most fairy tales also include some sort of magic and talking animals too. 

Spelling: ch, wh

chop, each, when, chin, what, lunch, why, speech, while, which, peaches, white, branch, animal, house, point, page, letter, mother, chalk

 During math students will continue adding and subtracting double digit numbers with and without regrouping. Our major grade test over regrouping will be on Friday. Math homework for this week is found on the Homework tab and is a powerpoint slides review of both addition and subtraction. Please encourage your child to show their strategy and describe their thinking when solving each problem. We will continue our weekly fact tests. 

Math: Go over the attached review powerpoint found on the Homework tab at the bottom of the page

In science students will continue to learn about different forms of energy. This week we will focus on sound energy and how the sound waves travel through the air. Student should be able to describe vibrations and how louder sounds have larger sound waves. On Wednesday students will be taking the District Benchmark over review concepts we have discussed up to this point so far. 

Weekly question: How does the amount of light change how an object looks?

For social studies students will be learning about historical figures that have had a significant influence on our country, society and world. Today we learned about Sojouner Truth and how she contributed to society by sharing her life experiences. We will also learn about Abigail Adams this week. This unit will continue for the next few weeks. 


I hope to see you all on Thursday and thank you so much for coming to Family Literacy Night last week! It was wonderful to see you and share some songs around the campfire. Mr. Woelmer really enjoyed his time at Timber Creek too!

Take care,

Mrs. Woelmer