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Fiction Reading Project Ideas

Here are some ideas we talked about in class today. Please have your child bring in the materials they will need for the project they want to do. This is an in class project, so please don't have them work on it at home. :)

Reading Project

Happy Friday!
The students have worked very hard the last 5 weeks or so.  We have learned many elements of fiction:  conflict, resolution, setting, plot, character traits and theme.  To finish this unit, we will complete a book project in class.  They will get to decide on how they want to present one of their favorite books.  I am asking you to talk with your child about how he/she wants to present their project and then send in materials for them to use.  They will have access to construction paper and their regular supplies in class.  If they want to make a mobile, shoebox diorama or something creative, they will need to bring that from home.  They will also learn how to make a triorama in class, as well as a foldable to present the information.
Here is a presentation of ideas they could choose to do.
Please remember, this is an in class project. They will not need to work on this at home.
Have a wonderful weekend!

From our Room Moms...

We are very excited to introduce ourselves as the Room Moms for your child’s class this year! Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions!

Name: Tracy Flanagan                                        Name: Suzzette Schambach

Phone Number:  832-693-5400                           Phone Number: 832-431-2098

Email: Tracyymejyy@yahoo.com                        Email: Ssoria1@hotmail.com


As your homeroom parents, our role is to assist our parents and our teacher, Miss Lyons, in classroom communication, coordinate teacher appreciation/teacher gifts, organize classroom parties throughout the year and support PTO events. We are thrilled that our kids have Miss Lyons and are delighted to be working with all of you! Together we will make this year a positive and fun experience for all of our children.


How to Stay Informed: Our preferred method of communication is via email. In order to receive our emails, we must have your permission, so please fill out the Google Form as soon as possible. Click the link below for the Google Form. This is the best way to be added to our class contact list.


https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecjKK_TMm8Rzd7L6MymbU98CxRdVIvWPooaxr8Rbx0o47APQ/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 <https://us-west-2.protection.sophos.com?d=google.com&u=aHR0cHM6Ly9kb2NzLmdvb2dsZS5jb20vZm9ybXMvZC9lLzFGQUlwUUxTZWNqS0tfVE1tOFJ6ZDdMNk15bWJVOThDeFJkVkl2V1Bvb2F4cjhSYngwbzQ3QVBRL3ZpZXdmb3JtP3ZjPTAmYz0wJnc9MSZmbHI9MA==&e=amVzc2ljYWx5b25zQHRvbWJhbGxpc2QubmV0&t=cUdxNkFCQ1FyWnlFYk1JdTl5RHJJQzNxck5HdVg4dmRFQmR4NzVkZ21mQT0=&h=4d15884f178d45d88527077cfef2adbd


* Your email address will ONLY be used to communicate classroom activities. We do not share your information with anyone else!

Thank You!

Your Room Parents,
Tracy & Suzzette

Week of October 19-23

Reading:    We will review all that we have learned about fiction and students will create a project based on a fictional story. Be sure to bring in your supplies for your project, and the book you will use. 

Writing:    We will learn about ending punctuation marks for complete sentences. We’ll also discuss writing interesting endings to our personal narratives. 

Math:    We will continue our unit on measurement and learn about area this week. 

Science:  We will learn that cutting, folding and sanding can change the physical position of materials.

Social Studies:   Students will learn about characteristics of good citizenship by historical figures. 

Week of October 12-16

🍕 PTO Spirit Night: Crust Pizza all day, on October 14th  🍕

Wear Astros gear on Wednesday!

Remember: Fall shirts on Mondays in October and TCES Spirit Shirts every Friday!

Reading:   We will continue determining the theme of stories as well as review character traits (internal and external) and plot.  The students will take an assessment to show their knowledge of conflict, resolution, theme, character traits and settings on Thursday. Please use the retelling hand when reading with them at home to review. 

Writing:   We will continue to write personal narratives and discuss that we use past tense verbs when writing about past events. We will have a grammar assessment on Wednesday. Here is a review you can complete at home for extra practice.

Math:  We will begin our measurement unit this week, focusing on nonstandard units, customary units, and broken ruler. There will be a mixed review (place value, addition, and subtraction) assessment Friday. A review for this will be sent home by Tuesday; students that complete and return on Friday will get a special reward! 

Science: We will continue learning about matter and classify matter as solids and liquids. We have several fun activities planned for this week! 

Social Studies:  We will learn more about maps and students will create an original map of a town. 

Week of October 5-9

  • Tomorrow (Tuesday 10/6) is Walk to School Day! Your child has a green paw print tattoo in their folder that they can wear tomorrow as well. 

  • We have been going outside and enjoying doing our work in the beautiful weather. If your child would like, they can bring a pair of sunglasses to wear when we go out. 

  • If your child has not brought in headphones, please send them with them as soon as possible. 


Reading: The students will learn about theme-the moral or lesson of the story.  As a class we will discuss the story and the theme the author possibly intended.  Some themes we will talk about are kindness, honesty, perseverance, acceptance, cooperation and self confidence.  

Writing: The students will learn how to write a personal narrative about a small moment with a beginning, middle and end.  

Math: We will continue our addition and subtraction unit and take an assessment on Friday.  

Science: We will learn to read a thermometer and conclude our physical property unit.  The students will take an assessment on Thursday.  

Social Studies: This week the students will create a map of a made up city.  They will also create a map of the bedroom.   


Week of September 28

Reading: We will continue our focus on story elements of fiction as well as identifying the internal and external traits of characters in stories. 

Writing: We will practice writing complete sentences and begin our unit on writing Personal Narratives. These are true stories about ourselves.

Math: We will learn addition and subtraction strategies up to 20. 

Science: We will classify matter by its physical properties including mass and volume. 

Social Studies: This week we will begin learning about maps and globes.

I am in need of TWO Room Parents this year. The PTO is requesting each class (Virtual and F2F) have TWO room parents.  Room Parent duties will help with communication between the teacher and class parents. They will help organize class parties, teachers gifts, etc. While parents are not allowed on campus at this time, restrictions may be lifted throughout the year, and room parents will need to be in place if that occurs.  If you are interested, please send your name, email and phone number to me and I will forward to Samantha Herington our PTO Vice President. Thank you!!


Raffle Tickets are now available on the PTO website!!

Virtual Parent Orientation 2020-2021

I have posted our Parent Orientation here. It is a bit lengthy, but please take the time to watch and listen! Thank you!

Week of September 21-25

Happy Monday! 

Reading:  The students will complete a story plot 4 square on their own.  We will then begin discussing internal and external character traits.  

Writing: We will continue talking about verbs.  We will then begin generating ideas for writing.  

Math: The students will be working on place value, greater than and less than, Showing numbers in different ways and odd and even numbers.

Science: The students will explore measurement with length and weight.

Social Studies:   The students will continue learning about what it takes to be a Good Citizen and learn the vocabulary: community, citizen, rules, choices, citizenship, and laws.

Week of September 14-18

Reading: We will learn about the elements of fiction including characters, setting, problem and solution. 

Writing: We will learn about nouns (including common and proper nouns) as well as verbs. 

Math: We will use standard, word and expanded forms to represent numbers up to 500. 

Science: We will wrap up our Science Safety unit and begin learning about the properties of matter. 

Social Studies:   We will learn about classroom expectations and get to know our classmates.