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Lunch Count for May 26


Our cafeteria manager has requested a lunch count for our last day of school so that they can have enough lunches for all students who are getting a school lunch.  Please email me and let me you if your child will get a school lunch on May 26th.

Lunch will be a Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich OR Grilled Cheese with carrots and ranch, fruit and milk.

Week of May 16-20

No visitors on campus Tuesday (5/17) and Wednesday (5/18) due to STAAR testing. This includes lunch visitors.

In lieu of a field trip this year, we will be having our "Un-Field Trip" here at school on Thursday (5/19). We have a variety of fun activities planned for the students! Please have your child bring a beach towel and sunglasses to school on Thursday.

Reading: We will review elements of poetry. 

Writing: We will learn how to use adverbs to make our writing more descriptive.  

Math: We will continue to work on multiplication, by learning different multiplication strategies. This will help the students to understand the foundations of multiplication. 

Science: We will finish our life cycles unit. 

Social Studies: Students will reflect on their year in 2nd grade and do a variety of kindness activities. 

Week of May 9-13

Reading: We will finish our choice boards and present to the class. 

Writing: We will write our books about our animal we researched.  

Math: We will have the Unit 13 test on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will start our new math unit over multiplication. 

Science: We will begin our unit on insects and their life cycles. 

Social Studies: The students will make their personal timelines and present to the class. 


No Lunch Visitors on May 10th & 11th


On May 10th, 2nd Graders will have lunch in the classroom due to our campus-wide Great Expectations Celebration that will take place on Tuesday afternoon in the cafeteria. 


Then on May 11th, our campus will be closed to all visitors due to STAAR testing. This includes lunch visitors.   

Week of May 2-6

Reading: We will review the concepts of main ideas and details this week. Students will identify main idea and details related to their research topics. We will continue to work on our research projects in class. 

Writing: This week, students will begin writing books about their research topic. We will review paragraph structures as well as conventions such as capitalization and punctuation as they are writing. 

Math: We will review the parts of a graph. The students will learn to create and read a variety of graphs including pictographs and bar graphs.  

Science: We will learn more about food chains this week. Students will explore the important roles that plants and animals have in different food chains. 

Social Studies: Students will create and interpret timelines for events in the past and present. 

Week of April 25-29

Reading: Students will continue to work on research this week.  We will learn about using multiple sources of information such as books, encyclopedias and on-line sources.  We will also use text features such as the index and table of contents to help us locate information. 

Writing: Students will continue to work on writing complete sentences.  They should be able to write sentences with capital letters, correct spelling, correct usage of subject/verb agreement and ending the sentence with the correct punctuation mark.  

Math: This week the students will continue to work on 3-digit addition and subtraction. The test will be this Wednesday. After Wednesday, we will start our next unit on data analysis. 

Science: This week we will learn about all the ways animals depend on the things around them to survive. We will also begin looking at the food chain. 

Social Studies: This week we will talk about timelines and why they are used.  The students will work in groups to make a timeline.  Please look in the Wednesday folder for more information about a personal timeline project students will do the following week. 

Animal Research

We are beginning our research unit on animals. Your child chose their animal today. Please help them find a book at home or from a library on their animal. Thank you!

Week of April 18-22

Reading:  We will begin the process of our research unit.  The students will research an animal they are not familiar with over the last several weeks of school.  This week we will learn about asking questions to drive our research.  Also, please remember to practice their 4th nine weeks sight words.  

Writing: We will learn how to alphabetize words.  This is a skill needed to help with searching for books in the library and words in the dictionary.  We will also review complete sentences.  

Math: This week we will be focusing on addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. We will also be working on addition and subtraction in word problems. The math test will be next week. 

Science: We will discuss why animals hibernate and migrate and will take the test on Friday.

Social Studies: We will talk about modifications in the environment.  The students will also learn about Earth day on Friday.

Week of April 4-8

Reading: We will continue to read poetry.  This week we will make inferences from poems read. 

Writing: We will learn about figurative language.  We will write shape, acrostic and 5 senses poems. 

Math: We will take our Place Value assessment on Monday.  We will then begin adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. 

Science: We will review plants and take our Plant Assessment.  We will then begin learning about animal basic needs and how their external traits help them survive. 

Social Studies:  We will continue working on our inventor research.

Week of March 28-April 1

Reading: We will continue reading poetry with a focus on comprehension this week including making predictions, inferences and determining the mood of a poem.

Writing: This week, we will begin writing poems. Students will learn to use elements such as repetition and descriptive language in their writing.

Math: We will continue to work on place value to 1,200 this week. The students will practice composing and decomposing numbers. Decomposing means breaking apart numbers in different ways. The test will be on Monday, April 4th. 

Science: As we continue our Plants Unit in science, students will observe, record, and compare how the physical characteristics of plants help them meet their basic needs such as stems carry water throughout the plant

Social Studies: We will look at inventors and inventions. We will then begin a research project on an inventor.

Week of March 21-25

Welcome back!  Hope everyone had a restful and fun Spring Break!  

Reading: This week we begin our poetry unit.  The students will learn what poetry is as well as characteristics of poetry.  Ask them about their favorite poems this week.  

Writing: The students will learn about prefixes.  We will talk about how a prefix helps us to determine the meaning of words. We will study the prefixes re-, un-. dis, and pre-.  The students will need to know how it will change the meaning of the base word.  

Math: We will revisit place value to 1,200 this week.  The students will practice composing and decomposing numbers.  They will also compare numbers.  

Science: This week we will begin our unit on plants.  The students will learn about the parts of plants and their basic needs.  

Social Studies:  We will look at how things have changed over time and technology has helped improved our lives.  Ex:  homes, transportation

Week of March 7-11

Picture day is this Tuesday!

Reading: This week, we will review and compare characteristics of the genres we have learned about so far this year. Genres include fiction, nonfiction, fables, fairy tales and realistic fiction.  Students will have an opportunity to complete graphic organizers to show their understanding of each type of book.

Writing: The students will work on using their knowledge of syllable rules to spell words accurately.  They will stretch out the sounds to spell vowel consonant-e words, vowel r and words that end with ff, ll, ss or zz (FLOSS words).  We will also review how to write contractions and words with -ing or -ed endings.  

Math: We will finish up the week with problem solving with money situations as well as financial literacy.  

Science: We will review objects in the sky. Students will work together to plan and develop a solution to a variety of STEM challenges. 

Social Studies:  We will conclude our economics unit and take an assessment.

Week of February 28- March 4

Reading: We will continue reading nonfiction books with a focus on comprehension.  This is an important transition for children as we have moved from “learning to read” into “reading to learn.” Children should be able to retell and discuss facts after reading. 

Writing: We will write our final copy to publish our nonfiction text.  

Math:  This week, we will begin learning about Money and Financial Literacy. Students need to know coin names and values as well as how to count a set of coins up to $1.00.

Science: Students will observe, describe, and record patterns of objects in the sky, including the appearance of the Moon.

Social Studies: We will continue our Economics unit with learning about producers/consumers as well as income and making money choices such as spending and saving.