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About Miss Lyons

Hello and welcome to 2nd grade! I am so happy to be your teacher! We are going to have a phenomenal year full of learning and fun!

I was born in Houston and moved to Bryan, TX when I was two. My family has lived in the same house since then! I graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor in Education in 2012, and then began my teaching career in Snook, TX. This will be my 6th year teaching. My first year I taught 3rd grade English/Language Arts and Reading, and Social Studies. My second year I taught 2nd grade, self contained. My third,  fourth and fifth year I taught 1st grade, self contained, here at Timber Creek. I have loved all three grades and am so excited to be back in 2nd grade again! I am looking forward to another wonderful year in Tomball, and a wonderful second grade year!

When I am not teaching, or planning awesome things for us to do at school, I am with my family or at church. I am the music director at my church, Faith Tabernacle. I enjoy reading a good book, playing the piano, shopping and spending time with my family and friends! Oh, and you will probably catch me at Starbucks during any free time I have! :)

Recent Posts

What a fabulous year we had this year! Thank you all for everything throughout the entire year. I have loved having each of your children, and will miss them all dearly! Have a wonderful and safe summer! See you next year! :) 

Good afternoon!
If you are planning to attend the party next Thursday, May 31 at 9:30, please be sure to preregister for the event. Use the following link and be sure to sign up any parent that will attend:  https://goo.gl/forms/9BEX3RCt9E8pfEMB3
Next week we will have fun themed days to celebrate our fantastic year of learning!
Tuesday- Camping day- Students may bring a small blanket and stuffed animal. 
Wednesday- Beach day- Students may bring a beach towel to use while we read! 
Thursday- End of the year party at 9:30. Early release at 12:50. 
Be sure to wear tennis shoes for PE next week! 

Week of May 21st

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!!
Please see the specials schedule for this week. 
5/21: Art- A   Music- B PE- C and D
5/22: Art- C  Music- D PE- A and B
5/23: Art- B  Music- A  PE- C and D
5/24: Art- D  Music- C PE- A and B
5/25: ALL PE- be sure to wear tennis shoes
As this school year comes to a close, I will be sending the students' consumable workbooks home. I highly encourage you to use them over the summer to lessen the summer slide back- especially the math 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction. 
Library books are due today. Please make sure ALL books are returned.
END OF THE YEAR PARTY- our last day of school is May 31st. The party begins at 9:30 and I hope to see you all there!! Like in the past, you may check your child out after the party. It is a half day that day- school ends at 12:50. 
Wear a college shirt on Friday! 
This week we are learning:
Reading: We will finish our Readers' Theater unit this week by performing different plays. We will discuss dialogue and voice. We will take our TCES benchmark on Wednesday.
Writing: We will wrap this school year up with some fun end of the year writing this week. We will reflect about how this year went and look forward to the summer.
Math: We will take the math benchmark Monday. Then, we will work on a "Step up to Third Grade" unit. We will focus on place value to the 10,000 and 3 digit addition/subtraction. Our last fact test will be mixed review and will be on Tuesday. 
Science:We will continue to study life cycles. We will focus on the life cycle of a butterfly. 
Social Studies: This is career week and we will learn about different careers from some parents on Friday. We will research different careers that we may find interesting. 
Have a great week!

Field Day Reminders:

Hi all!
Tomorrow is an exciting day at Timber Creek--FIELD DAY! Please remember to send a water bottle, an entire change of clothes (I suggest underclothes, socks and shoes also--they will get wet!), wear your tennis shoes, and lather up with sunscreen/ bug spray before coming to school. Also, please wear your mint Miss Lyons t-shirt! Looking forward to a day of fun! :)
On another note, if anyone has the movies Gnomio and Juliet, and Finding Nemo, may I borrow them tomorrow? Thank you in advance!

Week of May 14th

Happy Monday!!
STAAR testing is happening this week- Monday-Wednesday. No visitors will be permitted on those days. Thank you for your understanding. To support the students taking the test we are encouraging all students to wear super hero shirts on Tuesday and TCES shirts on Wednesday. 
Students need to wear tennis shoes this week for specials because they will have game stations in the gym. 
There will be NO HOMEWORK this week!! Please continue to read every night. 
Field Day is this Friday from 9:00-11:00. Please wear your mint Miss Lyons shirt and be prepared to get wet! Students will need to bring an extra change of clothes, including socks, shoes, and underwear. Students will also need to bring a towel. I highly recommend applying sunscreen and bug spray before coming to school. It's going to be a great day! 
This week we are learning:
Reading: We will begin a unit on Reader's theater. We will practice reading and performing plays.
Writing: We will continue to add to our "How to" book. We will finish and publish our book this week.
Math: We will learn how to divide numbers using different strategies. Our fact test will be mixed review. 
Science: We will begin our unit on insect life cycles. We will observe our caterpillars this week as they move through their life cycle. We will take the district benchmark on Thursday.
Social Studies:We will finish our Dream Town map. Then, we will learn more about Canada and Mexico. 
Have a great week!

I have been SO spoiled this week! Thank you all for all the wonderful treats, goodies, and gifts! I'm so blessed to have your child in my class!
Thank you all for spoiling me so much today! I can't wait to be able to relax with all the amazing gifts. Thank you!
Thank you all for the beautiful flowers today! One of my favorite things is fresh flowers, so I will definitely enjoy these! :) 
Good afternoon! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend!! Thank you for the sweet gifts I received today for Teacher Appreciation! You all are too sweet to be so kind to me. I am truly blessed! 
Career Day is quickly approaching and we are going to be doing it a little different this year. If you have a fun career that you would like to share to ONLY second grade, please click on the following link and let us  know that you are interested in speaking.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KLeaNYhA4otdKeZyRCSbWU8-kW6IEFQ8AU9eBiRrUUw/edit
This week we are learning:
Reading: We will continue learning about procedural text. We will take an assessment for a daily grade on Thursday and Friday. Students will be expected to be able to follow a list of directions and answer questions about a procedural text. 
Writing: We will practice writing procedural text making sure to include a list of materials and step by step instructions. 
Math: We will learn how to multiply numbers using different strategies. We will learn that multiplication is repeated addition. Our fact test will be mixed review. 
Science: We will learn about food chains and discuss how animals can be dependent on other animals to survive. 
Social Studies: We review land forms and being a project called "Dream Town" where students will create a map of their own town. 
Have a great week!!

Week of April 30th

Good afternoon! Can you believe it is already the last day of April?? This school year has gone by so quickly!
Tomorrow is our field trip! As you saw on the papers that went home last week, we are going to Main Street Theater to see Sideways Stories from Wayside School. Students should wear their mint Miss Lyons shirt. (If you don't have one or have lost it, please wear a plain mint t-shirt or a TCES shirt). Please make sure they eat a big breakfast and please send a snack for your child to eat before we leave. We will eat lunch when we return to school but it will be later than our normal lunch time. Don't forget to also send their sack lunch. The cafeteria will be closed when we return. It's going to be a great day!
This week we are learning:
Reading: We will begin a unit on procedural text where we will read to find out how to do things. We will learn that it is important to read all of the directions. We will also discuss the importance of transition words.   
Writing: We will learn how to write a procedural piece. We will practice writing step by step instructions. **Ask them about how to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich--we had lots of laughs with that today :)
Math: We will continue to practice counting collections of coins and discussing financial responsibility. We will take our money assessment on Friday. Please complete the math review that is attached to the bottom of the homework page. Our fact test will be mixed review.
Science: We will finish our animal unit this week by reviewing the different animals and their adaptations. Students will need to know that animals have bodies that help them survive in their habitat. For example, a bear has fur to keep them warm in the winter. They also need to know why animals hibernate and migrate. Our test will be on Thursday.  
Social Studies: This week we will focus on the different types of land forms on earth. We will learn about mountains, hills, plains, plateaus, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, islands, and peninsulas. 
Today we had our special Author Celebration to share our books about our animal research (I have shared some pictures on my Twitter-- @2ndmisslyons). They did a fabulous job and deserved the celebration! I made them a special treat, and they have asked me to share the recipe on here for you :) If you know anything about the 90's Dunkaroo Dip, then you are going to be addicted. You can thank me later ;) 
Dunkaroo Dip:
1 Funfetti cake mix (dry--do NOT follow box directions)
1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt (or vanilla greek)
1 8oz. container of Cool Whip
Combine the three ingredients together until you reach a frosting texture. Top with fun sprinkles and enjoy with Teddy Grahams! 
Have a great week!

Field Trip

Good afternoon!
As you all know, our field trip is this coming up Tuesday (May 1st). Please have your child wear our class t-shirt (mint). If your child does not have one, or has lost theirs, please just have them wear a mint t-shirt or a Timber Creek shirt if you can't find mint. :) We are super excited! 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of April 23rd

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Our Book Fair is here! Students will be able to shop from 10:00-10:30. If you are wanting to come shop with them, please come during our shopping time.You can also send money in with your child. We will have Parents and Pastries on Tuesday from 7:30- 8:10  where you can get a donut and then come shopping for books. Mrs. Russell will also have Book Fair open late on Thursday from 5:30-7:00. 
Today in your child's homework folder you will see two permission slips for our field trip next week on May 1. We will be going to Main Street Theater to see Sideways Stories from Wayside School. We've been reading the books in class and everyone is excited to see the books come to life! Please return both permission slips- one has insurance information on it and the other one lets me know if your child needs to order a lunch from the cafeteria. Please be sure to read the permission slips and return them no later than Thursday, April 26
This week we are learning:
Reading: We will finish our research project this week by creating a visual to go with our research. 
Writing: We will learn how to take our notes from our research project and turn it into paragraphs. We will also learn about abbreviations. 
Math: We will discuss spending, saving, deposits, and withdraws this week. We will continue to practice counting collections of coins as we solve problems involving money. Our fact test will be mixed review. 
Science: We will learn about animal classifications and discuss how their bodies help them survive in their habitat.
Social Studies: We will discuss the different continents and oceans this week. Students will be expected to know the different continents. 
Have a great week!

Week of April 16th

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday!
Our Fraction Party was AMAZING!! The kids were so surprised and excited to get real pizza!! 
This week we are learning:
Reading: We are continuing our research project on animals. We are learning different strategies to help us read our nonfiction books. We will work on answering our "thin" questions this week. Please make sure your child is bringing their animal book to school everyday. Also, if you have an opportunity, I'd love to encourage you to check out the public library. They have tons of books that our school library does not have. 
Writing: We will work on answering our "thick" questions for our research project. We will learn how to take these answers and turn them into a paragraph.
Math: We will begin a unit on Money and Financial Literacy. Students will learn how to count a collection of coins this week. To practice at home, you can let your child count your spare change. Our fact test this week will be mixed review.
Science: We will continue with our animal unit by discussing animals body parts and learning how animals adapt to survive. 
Social Studies: We will begin our Geography unit by studying the continents and oceans. 
Have a great week!

Dash and Bash!

TOMORROW is Dash and Bash! We are so excited! The students will be participating in a color run during specials. To help keep our school clean, please send a change of clothes--including shoes--with your child tomorrow! Thanks so much for your help with this! :)