Beginning the week of August 31st, your child will begin checking out books. Each class has a scheduled library time for checkout and library lessons. Number of books allowed for checkout:

  • Kindergarten students will checkout 1 book. In January they will be allowed to check out 2 books.
  • First, Second, Third and Fourth graders will checkout 2 books.
  • Fifth grade students will checkout 3 books.


Students check out books for a one week period. All students’ books are due on their library day. If your child would like to renew a book, have your child bring it to the library to recheck the book during their library time.

Please refer to the following schedule to help your child remember to return their library book:



Mrs. Pinto

Ms. Lyons

Mrs. Rendon



Mrs. Reese & Mrs. Bosworth

Mrs. Huggins & Mr. Barnhouse

Mrs. Zaleski

Ms. McDowell

Mrs. Schneider



Ms. Reeves & Mrs. Ling

Mrs. Partain & Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. Zwerneman

Mrs. Kihneman



Mrs. Harcrow

Mrs. Contello

Mrs. Jetton

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Coward 

Mrs. Shockley

Mrs. Henry



Mrs. Abrams & Mrs. Fikes

Mrs. McCann & Mrs. Budd

Mrs. Pace





**Lost or Damaged Books**

A replacement fine is charged for lost or damaged books.  The library accepts payment through School Cash Online. Please do not replace the book. Our books are special ordered through various library vendors and are “Library Bound”. We also have our books “processed” (spine labels and barcodes). Cash or check will only be accepted for lost or damaged books, not replacement books. Refunds will be made to students if the lost book is returned in good condition during the school year in which it was paid.