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Thursday, January 27th Reminders

Don't forget about STREAM night on Thursday from 5-7p.m. Due to STREAM night, there will be no Science Olympiad.

New Reading Unit! - Traditional Literature

Next week we will begin our study of Traditional Literature. We will focus on folktales, fables, legends, and myths. 
Click this link if you're interested in listening to some fables with your child.
Here is another great website with fables too.
This is a resource for myths and legends.

Salt Dough Map

Hello, parents! On Monday, September 21st, we are doing a fun project with the kids over the regions of Texas. Our grade level is creating a salt dough map, but we need your help! We are asking for volunteers that would be willing to make salt dough for our students. Here is a recipe for reference:  We need our salt dough in 4 colors, so each color can represent one of the regions. We are going to need 6 batches of each color, so that each 4th grade class will have all 4 colors. If you would be willing to make 1 batch or 2 batches, please sign up on our Sign-Up Genius link:
Thank you in advance for your help! The kids absolutely LOVE this project and we are looking forward to doing it with them this school year. ​