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Science and Social Studies Kahoot Reviews

Tomorrow (10/30) we will be having a science and social studies assessment. Below are links for a Kahoot review for each. The link will automatically put them in play mode after they enter a nickname. Please have them play it at home tonight (10/29) to review for the tests tomorrow. 
It is also posted in the Homeroom Course in Schoology. 

Week of October 26

Red Ribbon Week

Monday- Wear a fun hat and crazy socks

Tuesday - Western attire socks and boots

Wednesday - Wear your favorite sports team

Thursday - Wear pajamas and slippers

Friday - Dress up as your favorite book character

Reading:    We will begin our drama unit.  The students will need to understand the parts of a drama, the setting, the characters, plot and conflict and resolution.  This is what we have been working on with fiction books.  They will also be able to perform a short play with a group the week of the November 9th.  They will be given a script and expected to memorize their lines.  This will come home later this week.   

Writing:    The students will learn about adjectives and how adjectives enhance our writing.  They will need to be able to add adjectives as well as identify them.  

Math:  We will revisit place value.  The students will learn to compose and decompose numbers to 500.  They also will need to be able to write a number that is 10 less/more or 100 less/more than a given number.  

Science: The students will continue with learning about liquids, solids and changes to physical properties.  They will have an assessment over these concepts on Friday. A Kahoot review will be emailed Thursday.   

Social Studies:   Students will continue to learn about characteristics of good citizenship by historical figures. They will be able to use the notes we have been completing together in class for their assessment on Friday. A Kahoot review will also be sent home Thursday. 

On Monday, November 2nd, the students will participate in classroom elections.  We ask that if your child would like to run for class President or Vice President that they create a poster at home as well as a short speech of why they should be our class official and bring it Monday the 2nd of November ready to share. This is completely optional. I will share more information with the class Monday (10/26) morning. 

Week of October 19th

Reminders for this week:

  • Lunch will be in the classroom. Please make sure your child only has water to drink and any utensils they may need. 
  • We will begin working on our book project in class. If they need anything besides paper, glue, markers, or crayons, they will need to bring it from home by Tuesday. 
  • Students will be tested over the First Nine Weeks Sight Words for a daily grade. We have been practicing these in class. Please review them with your child at home. They are in your child’s blue folder and can be found online here

Here is a preview of what we will be doing in class this week - 

Reading: We will be completing our book projects in class. Please bring any extra materials they need from home. They will also be getting tested on their First Nine Weeks Sight Words for a daily grade. 

Writing: We will continue learning about ending punctuation marks for complete sentences. We’ll also discuss writing interesting endings for our personal narratives. 

Math: We will finish our measurement unit focusing on area. Students will be using Cheese-Its to practice area; please let me know if you do not want your child to have them. There will be a measurement assessment on Thursday. 

Science: We will learn how physical properties of an object can be changed by folding, cutting, sanding, and melting. 

Social Studies: We will be learning about different historical figures (Irma Rangel, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thurgood Marshall) to be able to identify characteristics of good citizenship.

Reading Project

Dear Families, 

The students have worked very hard the last 5 weeks or so.  We have learned many elements of fiction:  conflict, resolution, setting, plot, character traits and theme.  In order to finish this unit, the students will complete a book project in class.  They will get to decide on how they want to present one of their favorite books.  We are asking you to talk with your child about how he/she wants to present their project and then send in materials for them to use.  They will have access to construction paper and their regular supplies in class.  If they want to make a mobile, shoebox diorama or something creative, they will need to bring that from home.  They will also learn how to make a triorama in class as well as a foldable to present the information.  We will talk about this in class Monday morning, and I will show them some examples. 

Here is the link to some ideas for book projects.

Please remember this is an in class project. They will not need to work on this at home. 

Room Parent Info

I am very excited to introduce myself as the Room Parent for your child’s class this year!  Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions!

Name:    Jayme Tollett                             Name:  Room mom 2
Phone Number:  832-746-8507               Phone Number:  xxxxxxx
Email:  jayme_newsom@yahoo.com      Email:  xxxxxxx

As your homeroom parent, my role is to assist our parents and our teacher Miss Mellors in classroom communication, coordinate teacher appreciation/teacher gifts, organize classroom parties throughout the year and support PTO events.  I am thrilled that our kids have Miss Mellors and are delighted to be working with all of you!  Together we will make this year a positive and fun experience for all of our children.

How to Stay Informed: Our preferred method of communication is via email.  In order to receive our emails we must have your permission, so please email me the following information below as soon as possible.

Please fill out the Google Form so that we can add you to our contact list. Click  Here  for the Google Form.

* Your email address will ONLY be used to communicate classroom activities.  We do not share your information with anyone else!

Also, if you are interested in being a room mom with me, please let me know.  Each class typically has 2 room moms but as of now I am the only one for Miss Mellors class.  

Thank You!
Your Room Parent,

Week of October 12

🍕 PTO Spirit Night: Crust Pizza all day, on October 14. 🍕

Reading:   We will continue determining the theme of stories as well as review character traits (internal and external) and plot.  The students will take an assessment to show their knowledge of conflict, resolution, theme, character traits and settings on Thursday. Please use the retelling hand when reading with them at home to review. 

Writing:   We will continue to write personal narratives and discuss that we use past tense verbs when writing about past events. We will have a grammar assessment on Wednesday; review will be sent home Tuesday. 

Math: We will begin our measurement unit this week, focusing on nonstandard units, customary units, and broken ruler. There will be a mixed review (place value, addition, and subtraction) assessment Friday. A review for this will be sent home by Tuesday; students that complete and return on Friday will get a special reward! 

Science: We will learn the different states of matter and how physical properties can change. We will be making root beer floats and using freezer pops to identify traits of solids and liquids; please email me if you do not want your child to have these. 

Social Studies: We will continue our study of maps with reading maps and creating our own maps. 

Week of October 5th


Reminder: Wear blue on Monday, October 5th for World Bullying Prevention Day.

We are in need of one more Room Parent. If you are interested, please email me. Thank you! ashlynmellors@tomballisd.net 

Reading: The students will learn about theme-the moral or lesson of the story.  As a class we will discuss the story and the theme the author possibly intended.  Some themes we will talk about are kindness, honesty, perseverance, acceptance, cooperation and self confidence.  

Writing: The students will learn how to write a personal narrative about a small moment with a beginning, middle and end.  

Math: We will continue our addition and subtraction unit and take an assessment on Friday. A review will be sent home Thursday. 

Science: We will learn to read a thermometer and conclude our physical property unit.  The students will take an assessment on Thursday. A Kahoot review will be emailed Wednesday. 

Social Studies: This week the students will create a map of a made up city.  They will also create a map of the bedroom.  

Week of September 28


Here is a preview of what we will be learning this week in class - 

Reading: We will continue our focus on story elements of fiction as well as identifying the internal and external traits of characters in stories. There will be a test Thursday and Friday. Please review main characters, setting (where AND when), conflict, resolution/solution, and internal and external character traits when reading with your child this week. 

Writing: We will practice writing complete sentences and begin our unit on writing Personal Narratives. These are true stories about ourselves.

Math: We will learn addition and subtraction strategies up to 20. 

Science: We will classify matter by its physical properties including mass and volume. 

Social Studies: This week we will begin learning about maps and globes. Our citizenship test will be on Tuesday; a Kahoot review will go home Monday. 
Have a great week!
Miss Mellors

Week of September 21

This week in class:
Reading: The students will complete a story plot 4 square on their own.  We will then begin discussing internal and external character traits. 
Writing: We will continue talking about verbs.  We will then begin generating ideas for writing. 
Math: We will learn about comparing and ordering numbers, as well as odd and even. There will be a test Friday over Place Value to 500. An optional review will be sent home Thursday. 
Science: We will continue learning about the properties of matter, focusing on length and mass.
Social Studies: We will learn how to be a good citizen.

Week of September 14

Happy Monday!

We will begin using our chromebooks in class this week. Please send headphones or earbuds for your child. Also please take the time to fill out this digital resources permission google form. This form is very important as it allows me to use a variety of educational digital resources in the classroom. I will not be able to use any with your child until I have the submitted form back. Thank you for your help and support at home! 

Here is a preview of what we will be learning this week - 

Reading: We will learn about the elements of fiction including characters, setting, problem and solution. 

Writing: We will learn about nouns (including common and proper nouns) as well as verbs. 

Math: We will use standard, word and expanded forms to represent numbers up to 500. 

Science: We will wrap up our Science Safety unit and begin learning about the properties of matter. 

Social Studies:   We will learn about classroom expectations and get to know our classmates.
Have a great week! 
Miss Mellors

Week of Sept. 8

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! I did not receive any questions via email, so I do not have an FAQ sheet to send out today. Here are a few reminders for the first day.

  • Make sure your child has a sport lid water bottle and their mask. If possible, please write their name on their water bottle. I will have mask lanyards to give them for school so we don’t accidentally lose or drop our masks. 
  • Please attach their car rider number tag to their backpack with their name, grade, and teacher written on the back. 
  • If your child is taking the bus, make sure they are registered with transportation. 

This week in class:

Reading:  We will review reading strategies and begin our Fiction Unit. 

Writing: We will discuss an author’s purpose for writing and begin learning the procedures of Writer’s Workshop.

Math:   We will review problem solving strategies and building numbers with Base 10 blocks. 

Science: We will learn about Lab Safety. 

Social Studies: We will learn the 8 Expectations and take time to get to know our new classmates. 

Feel free to email me with any questions you have. Have a great week! 

Miss Mellors