Week of October 19th

Happy Monday! 

This is going to be a fun week.  We will play with our food this week in math! They will also use sand paper to sand a wooden block in Science.  Hopefully the students will write about this in their Nothing Books on Friday, if they don't tell you earlier in the week. 

Reading:    We will review all that we have learned about fiction and students will create a project based on a fictional story. 

Writing:    We will learn about ending punctuation marks for complete sentences. We’ll also discuss writing interesting endings to our personal narratives. 

Math:    We will continue our unit on measurement and learn about area this week. 

Science:  We will learn that cutting, folding and sanding can change the physical position of materials.

Social Studies:   Students will learn about characteristics of good citizenship by historical figures. 


Have a great week!  

Ms. Contello


Hope everyone has had a great week!  The students have really worked hard this week and deserve a fun weekend.  Many stated they were tired and wanted to sleep all weekend.  
Some reminders:  
  • We have lunch in the classroom next week.  Please make sure the students only have water to drink and that they bring a utensil if they will need it.  
  • Next week the students will work on their book project IN class.  If they need anything extra besides paper, glue, markers, crayons, they will need to bring it from home.  Please do not work on it before they bring it to school.  
  • PE is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week.  Please make sure students wear correct shoes for PE.  
  • Book Orders will be placed on October 21st if you are interested in placing an order. 
  • Students will be tested over the first Nine Weeks Sight words next week for a daily grade.  
Have a wonderful weekend!  Looking forward to the projects next week!  
Ms. Contello

Restorative Circle Tomorrow

We will have another restorative circle tomorrow.  Please have your child bring a small item for their talking piece.  Thank you! 
Ms. Contello

Reading Project

Dear Families, 

The students have worked very hard the last 5 weeks or so.  We have learned many elements of fiction:  conflict, resolution, setting, plot, character traits and theme.  In order to finish this unit, the students will complete a book project in class.  They will get to decide on how they want to present one of their favorite books.  We are asking you to talk with your child about how he/she wants to present their project and then send in materials for them to use.  They will have access to construction paper and their regular supplies in class.  If they want to make a mobile, shoebox diorama or something creative, they will need to bring that from home.  They will also learn how to make a triorama in class as well as a foldable to present the information.  We talked about this in class and I showed them some examples.  


Ms. Contello

Math Review

In your child's blue folder, you should find a Math review paper.  This is OPTIONAL.  If they complete and return it on Friday, they will get a prize.  We will have an assessment on Friday similar to it.  It will be a review of numbers to 500 and addition and subtraction story problems.  
Ms. Contello

Week of October 12th

🍕 PTO Spirit Night: Crust Pizza all day, on October 14. 🍕

Don't forget to place library books on hold by Tuesday night, if your child wants certain books. 

If you are interesting in ordering Scholastic books, I will be placing an order on October 21st.  

Please make sure your child knows his/her birthday before Wednesday.  They will have a write the month (spelled out with a capital letter), day and year. 

Reading:   We will continue determining the theme of stories as well as review character traits (internal and external) and plot.  The students will take an assessment to show their knowledge of conflict, resolution, theme, character traits and settings.  

Writing:   We will continue to write personal narratives and discuss that we use past tense verbs when writing about past events. 

Math:   This week, we will begin our Measurement Unit. Students will learn about standard and nonstandard measurement. There will be a mixed review (place value, addition, and subtraction) assessment Friday. A review for this will be sent home by Wednesday; students that complete and return on Friday will get a special reward! 

Science: We will continue learning about matter and classify matter as solids and liquids.

Social Studies:  We will learn more about maps and students will create an original map of a town.
Thanks for all your support!  Have a great week!  
Ms. Contello

Week of October 5th

Happy 5th week of school!   Don't forget PTO's Give Campaign and Kids Online Raffle is still under way and runs through next week. The Raffle closes on online Thursday Oct. 8th at 9pm, and the drawing will take place Friday Oct. 9th during Call to Excellence. Donations to the Give Campaign are still being accepted until Friday Oct. 9th till 9pm. Please visit www.TimberCreekpto.org to purchase and donate.

Reading: The students will learn about theme-the moral or lesson of the story.  As a class we will discuss the story and the theme the author possibly intended.  Some themes we will talk about are kindness, honesty, perseverance, acceptance, cooperation and self confidence.  

Writing: The students will learn how to write a personal narrative about a small moment with a beginning, middle and end.  

Math: We will continue our addition and subtraction unit and take an assessment on Friday.  

Science: We will learn to read a thermometer and conclude our physical property unit.  The students will take an assessment on Thursday.  

Social Studies: This week the students will create a map of a made up city.  They will also create a map of the bedroom.  
On Wednesday, we will have a Restorative Circle.  During this time, the students are asked to bring something small that is special to them to use as their talking piece.  Please make sure it is NOT something of value.  We talked about it needing to fit in their backpack.  Thank you! 
Have a super week!  
Ms. Contello

Headphones and Earbuds
Please make sure your child has either headphones or earbuds at school.  The students will have assignments that require sound when on the Chromebooks. If they do not have something for sound, they will not be able to hear, as having the sound on during class is distracting.  
Thank you, 
Ms. Contello

Week of September 28th

The students have been amazing the past three weeks.  I am so proud of them.  In their Wednesday folder, you will see their graded assignments from the last week.  For Social Studies, they had the option to complete the assignment in Schoology or pencil and paper.  I printed their work if they did it in Schoology. 

Don't forget that First in Math is available for the students to work on.  Each day we will have a player of the day.  He/She will get a Hello my name is sticker to wear that states they are the player of the day.  

We are in need of room moms.  Please see post below this one.  

Reading: We will continue our focus on story elements of fiction as well as identifying the internal and external traits of characters in stories. 

Writing: We will practice writing complete sentences and begin our unit on writing Personal Narratives. These are true stories about ourselves.

Math: We will learn addition and subtraction strategies up to 20. 

Science: We will classify matter by its physical properties including mass and volume. 

Social Studies: This week we will begin learning about maps and globes. 

Have a fantastic week, 

Ms. Contello

Library Holds

Good Evening, 
Today during library the students were shown how to place a hold on a book they would like for the next week.  Please know that sometimes that book may be on hold for someone else and they may have to wait a couple of weeks.  Here is the video that Mrs. Russell showed the students.  The students will need to be logged in with the Tomball ISD account to view it.  She does ask the students place holds on books by Tuesday evening, to give her time to have it ready for our library time on Thursday.  Some of the students already put books on hold.  They can also unhold the book.  
Ms. Contello

First in Math
First in Math is available for the students to use.  They can go to  https://www.firstinmath.com/   Their username is TCES  (not case sensitive.  Their password is their ID/lunch number.  Each day I get a report with the player of the day!  The player of the day will get an extra dojo point and a sticker to wear that states they are the FIM player of the day.