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Objectives for the week of October 26-30

Report Cards will not be printed this year. Grades for the first marking period can be accessed through the Home Access Center. If you do not know your username/password please contact 
Word Work: Students will read and write long vowel a words (examples: made, tape, name). Spelling test on Friday (example: How did you get that gate?) There will be 4 sentences dictated each week. We will practice blending phonemes (If teacher sounds out "s-t-o-p" the student says the word "stop"
Reading: Readers can make predictions using the author's clues and their schema (what we already know). Readers can retell the important parts of a story in the correct sequence.
Writing: Writers understand writing in past tense (adding -ed to the end of a word). Writers can stretch out a small moment for a personal narrative (example: instead of writing about a trip to Disney, the student writes about one particular ride there). Practice writing good "hooks" or leads for a story to get someone interested in reading our writing.
Math: Mathematicians will work on place value to 50 with base ten blocks, writing in standard and expanded form (46 is 40 + 6), and compare numbers with symbols (46 > 32).
Social Studies: Good citizens can identify and describe the role of public officials. 
Science: Scientists identify and discuss how light and heat energy are important in everyday life.  Scientists can predict and identify changes in materials caused by heating and cooling.