Lunch Visitors

We want to remind parents of the TISD elementary school Lunch Visitors expectations (guidelines previously shared via Principal Update on October 1 and October 8):

Monday: Last Name= A through D

Tuesday: Last Name= E through L

Wednesday: Last Name= M through R

Thursday: Last Name= S through Z

**Each month, Friday lunch visitors will rotate by name group, starting with October and the Monday A-D group

** Exceptions will be made for students on their birthday. A parent may have lunch with a birthday student on his/her birthday.

Friday Visitors will be rotated by month to ensure equity across the alphabet:

October/February   Last Name = A - D

November/ March  Last Name = E- L

December/April      Last Name = M - R

January/May         Last Name = S - Z

***Please be reminded the reason we need to limit visitors at lunch is due to increased enrollment and limited seating / room capacity in the cafeteria.  Thank you in advance for your support of our procedures to welcome guests and ensure campus safety, as well.