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Amanda Jetton » A little about Mrs. Jetton (pronounced Je-tawn)

A little about Mrs. Jetton (pronounced Je-tawn)

Hello Cougars and welcome to Kindergarten!
I am Mrs. Jetton and this will be my 9th year teaching. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education-minor in English as a Second Language. 
I live in Tomball with my husband Kevin and our 3 year old son, Ethan.
I love to travel, read, swim, and eat buffalo wings :)
I am so excited to be teaching Kinder this year at Timber Creek!

Recent Posts

Joining our FABULOUS PTO...

Here is a recent email from our amazing PTO...
***If you are the slightest bit competitive like Mrs. Jetton, you might notice that our class name is NOT at the top for receiving extra recess :(

Families can register for the 2017-2018 PTO by going to

join.myschoolanywhere.com and entering the code TCESPTO.

  • It's quick and easy!! The $10 family membership fee covers our PTO online directory and other fees so that the money we raise can benefit our school, the students and faculty!
  • Joining the PTO is the only way to be included in our directory and receive PTO emails. Join today and get connected!

Here are the current leaders for the extra recess:

  • K – Harcrow
  • 1st -Shockley
  • 2nd – McDowell
  • 3rd – Barnhouse and Thomas
  • 4th – Too close to call!!
  • 5th – Abrams

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

I just added a new page where you can sign up for a face-to-face conference in October. 
Please write your name and your child's name next to the time that fits best in your schedule.
Friday, October 6th is an early-release day, so I have the whole afternoon open for conferences-I will be staying late that day also if anyone needs to come after work!
I also have mornings before school available and during my conference period on other days if that time works best for you!
Please let me know if you have any questions or if we need to find another time that is not on the link!
Mrs. J

Wednesday Folder

Hey parents, 
Inside your Wednesday folders this week you will see TWO different offers from Highlights magazine. This is something I send out every year that is not from the school or district, I just think they are great and want to offer you can chance to order :) My 3 year old has a subscription to the original Highlights magazine, but we just got our first PUZZLE magazine last week and he LOVED it!!!
Even if you are not interested in ordering-please check NO on both forms and send them back to me ASAP.
Our class gets special prizes/stickers/magazines/books for every form returned (even if it is a NO!) 
Thanks so much!

What is happening this week in our class:

Language Arts:
-Reader's Workshop: reader's can retell a story read aloud to them. Reader's can read an alphabet chart.
Readers can use the picture and the beginning sound/letter of a word to help them read while knowing to read from left to right
Writer's Workshop: writer's know that writing is telling on paper and that their pictures tell a story.
-Names!!  Parents please make sure you are working with your child on this at home as well. Students should be able to write their name properly (starts with a capital letter and the rest are lowercase). They should also be able to identify the letters that are in their name.
-Recognize capital and lowercase letters, their sounds, and be able to write them. (Letters Ii, Tt, Nn, Pp, Ss) 
-Sight Words: the, see, like, I 
Shapes: Students need to be able to identify, build/draw, and describe the features of each shape.
-2D shapes are FLAT shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, octagon, rhombus, circle, oval
-3D shapes are "FAT" shapes: cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, sphere, pyramid
Science/Social Studies:
-5 Senses
-Using a hand lens (magnifying glass)
-Good Citizenship
-USA Flag

Kindergarten Homework

Your kiddos will not be getting homework to take home this year.  Instead we have created a homework calendar for you to print out at home or even just pull up on your computer.  The homework calendar is set up to give you ideas of ways that you can practice and reinforce what we are doing in the classroom at home.  Please take the time to click on the link below and see how you can help your child at home to be more successful in the classroom.  Later on in the year, your child will also be bringing home little readers/books to read at home with you.
Thanks so much for your support at home :)


Our class library day is every THURSDAY!
Your kiddos will be getting a library book every Thursday to read at home-please make sure to send the book back on Thursdays so we can check out new ones :)

Back to School....

School will be starting back up on Tuesday September 5th-
 I hope everyone has stayed safe.
I am excited to see my kiddos :)
Since the the first week of school was only 3 days, I want to double check what your child's end of day transportation will be.  Please email me or send a quick remind message with how your child will be getting home from school normally (EVERYDAY).  If you ever want to change this transportation, then you will need to send a written note to school. 
Thanks so much!

We can write our names!

  This week we are spending time on our names.  Please help your child practice writing their name the correct way.  Your name should start with a capital letter and all the rest should be lowercase.  Also, this is a great time to make sure that your child can recognize all their letters in their name. Thank you for practicing this at home!

GREAT First Day!!!

 We had a FABULOUS first day of Kindergarten today :)
Some reminders for the beginning of the year:
-Please make sure you pack a snack for your child in their backpack every day.
-Please send in a pair of headphones for your child to use in the computer lab.
-Transportation notes need to be sent in their daily folder.
-Please check daily folders for your child's classwork, conduct marks, and important notes from the school. 
-Last one! If your child is a CAR RIDER-please practice their car number at home with them so they can memorize it!
Thank you for all of your help at home, you are appreciated!!!

Remind 101

 Hey Parents! 
If you have not already signed up for my Remind 101...this is how I communicate with my parents most often (and send fun pictures!)
From your smart phone, please text the message
to the number 
This will make sure you are registered and able to receive messages from me :)
Thanks for being such WONDERFUL parents!!!!

Thank You Parents

It was SO good to see all the smiling faces last night at Meet The Teacher!
Thank you all for coming, it is going to be a GREAT year :) 

2017-2018 PTO

The 2017-2018 PTO Membership Drive is going on NOW until September 15th
Stay connected and informed by registering through our quick and easy online portal. Membership is a great way to find out about upcoming fun family events, opportunities and activities for your student(s) and how YOU can get involved in your child's school! 
Go to join.myschoolanywhere.com and enter TCESPTO to register
  • The $10 Annual Membership fee per family will give parents access to the secure online school directory
A strong partnership between parents and faculty at TCES helps your child succeed!! 
Help our class win extra recess, the class in each grade with the highest participation will win extra recess and if the PTO reaches the membership goal of 80%, ALL STUDENTS will get extra recess!!