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Howdy! I graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2014. WHOOP! I grew up in Tomball and graduated from Tomball High School. I can't wait to share my personal love and pride of Tomball with my students (as well as the Aggies!). I have an amazing husband and two adorable dogs, Hurley and Reba. I am passionate about teaching children and have always had a passion for math. This is my 2nd year at Timber Creek Elementary.  Last year I taught 3rd grade but my students were so awesome that I decided to loop up with them to 4th grade! :)  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for all of us! 

Recent Posts

End of Year Party!

I can't believe the end of year party is already here!  Mrs. Bosworth's end of year class party will be held in her classroom on Thursday, June 1st at 9:30.  All parents are invited to attend.  It is a early release day so parents are welcome to check out students after the party.  Because the party is so early in the morning we are making this last event a "Pajama Party" and we will be serving donuts! 


We are looking forward to this fun event and hope to see you there!



Nancy Hairell and Dawn Garcia

~Math Carnival and last days of school~


Math Carnival!

Next week students will be spending all week creating a math carnival game independently or with a partner. They may bring any items from home to create their math game in CLASS. Students may use items from home or purchase them at a dollar store. We will not be able to provide supplies for all of the students. Regular classroom materials will be provided. The carnival will take place in the 4th grade pod area for the entire grade level on Tuesday, May 30. The students will choose one of the following math skills/concepts to create their game: place value, decimals, multiplication/division, fractions, elapsed time, area/perimeter, geometry, measurement, dot plots/stem and leaf, or input/output tables. The students may bring prizes to accompany their games if they wish to do so. 

Let's Have Fun!!!



Our Last Days Together: Get these things ready!

Monday May 22nd - Library Presentation @ 9:00

Wednesday - May 24- Texans Project Wax Museum

Thursday - May 25- Field Trip (wear your class shirt, bring sack lunch and drink)

Friday - May 26- Career Day (listen to presentations on different careers)

Monday - May 29- Memorial Day- No School!

Tuesday - May 30 - Movie Afternoon (bring a pillow and blanket)

Wednesday- May 31- Flea Market; Yearbook signing ...before the flea market (no signing until then please)

Thursday - June 1 - Last Day of School! Class Party at 9:30 AM; Early Release at 12:40


Field Day!

  • Reminder that field day is tomorrow. We won a pizza party from Jet's Pizza for lunch.  Lunch will be at 11:30 for us but we will be eating in our rooms tomorrow so please no visitors for lunch time. They are more than welcome to of course bring their own lunch if they do not want pizza or would like more than just pizza. 
  • Please have your child remember to bring a towel, extra clothes, extra pair of shoes, and a bag to put their wet clothes in (and sunscreen on at home or can put on here themselves).  

Reminder that ambassador forms are due this Friday, May 5th (if you are applying for it). 
Also, parents we need your help this week and weekend in getting your child prepared for the STAAR tests! We have been very chatty these past couple of weeks in class and need your support in reminding students that the end of the year is not over until June 2nd.  We are on Crunch time this week and need their full attention and focus. 

Career Day!

Attention Parents!! We are still needing awesome volunteers to come present at Career day, May 26th.  A paper went home a couple weeks ago in Wednesday folders asking parents that are interested to fill it out and return.  If interested please let us know! We want these students to see what exciting and interesting careers there are out there!! :)

Dash and Bash!!

REMINDER: Please turn in your Dash for Cash pledges and order forms! We are only halfway so Let’s win a Pizza Party for our class - hosted by our own Principal Mutant Ninja Turtles! Let’s WIN!! – Class Currently in the Lead: 1st Grade Mrs. Lyon’s Class!
Want to help?!  We still have many spots to fill and would love your help; please click here to volunteer: 

This Weeks Christmas Fun!

Monday- We will be watching Polar Express so have your child wear their pajamas to school tomorrow!! :) Also, please have them bring a water bottle that they can bring during the movie. 


Friday- Christmas Party at 10:00AM! All 4th grade will be in the Gym for our Christmas party! Please come join in on all the Christmas fun with your child!

You may take your child after the Christmas party but must find me first to sign out and get a ticket to be able to leave with your child.  

Early Dismissal @ 12:40.


A note from Mrs. Culver about 4th grade program:

4th Grade Parents,

Don't forget to e-mail me pictures of family members that have served in the Armed Forces (either from our country or another country). We are doing a slideshow presentation during one of our songs, and we want to really try and get representation from ALL families. PHOTOS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY, 10/28!!! If you have more than one family member, that is fine, just include the following information in your e-mail:

  1. Veterans Name
  2. Student's Name
  3. Relationship to Student
  4. Branch that they served in / country
  5. Status in Armed Forces (EX: Colonel, SGT, ect)
  6. Years of Service or still active


Please make sure that the pictures are in .JPEG or PDF format when you e-mail them to me. Otherwise they will not open up! :o) PHOTOS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY, 10/28!!!


I will ALWAYS send a confirmation reply back stating that I received it, so if you send me an e-mail and I don't reply, please feel free to call me at the number below. Sometimes e-mails get blocked and I want to make sure that I receive EVERY picture!


Have a great day and I am looking forward to a GREAT program!

Britney Culver

Music Specialist

Timber Creek elementary

PHONE: 281-357-3060 EXT 4675

E-MAIL: britneyculver@tomballisd.net

Please read this letter from our amazing Math Specialist:

Hello parents! 

My name is Melissa Baudoin , the Math Specialist at Timber Creek.  This week I was invited into the wonderful 4th grade classrooms to help share a division strategy that helps students to meet the Texas TEK 4.4F The students is expected to use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to divide up to a four digit dividend by a one digit number.  In order to meet the foundational needs of students regarding large division problems, we begin with a strategy called partial quotients prior to teaching the standard algorithm.  This strategy will be taught and practiced in class this week in hopes to set a firm foundation of what division is before exposing them to the standard algorithm which is often a rote memorization of steps.  Multiple strategies to solve a problem is a flexible learning skill that helps students to use meaningful strategies that work best for their learning styles, but can often pose a challenge in the school to home connection if you are not familiar with the methods we are teaching.  I have listed a very short video and explanation below so that you can see the alternative strategy we are using for division this week.

Partial Quotients videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCKd3C4P6Uk (this is what we often see students in the beginning)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLrM1jBsSHo (this video shows more advanced number sense thinking and problem solving to show the problem worked in less steps)

Why this works: Division by definition is the act of splitting something into parts.  When we introduce this strategy to kids we reference an example such as splitting a large bag of M&Ms between friends.  Rather than give each person one at a time, you "chip away" at the large pile by giving a group of M&Ms to each person, ie 5 for each friend, then another 5, then 3, 2, 1, 1, 1.  Although we may choose to group the M&Ms as we split them up several different ways, we will still end with equal divided parts. 

I hope you find this information helpful, please feel free to email me with further questions! 


Melissa Baudoin

TCES Math Specialist