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 Fourth Grade Weekly Newsletter - Ms. Smith


Week of: September 25-29, 2017



Language Arts Topics


Spelling -homophones (lesson 5)

Reading - Character, Setting and Plot in Fiction

Writing - Writing a Narrative



*Please check your child’s homework folder and planner each night for notes.


* Lunch is 12:05-12:35


*Library on Wednesdays 




Social Studies Topics


-Landmarks of Texas





Weekly Events

 -Open House Thursday September 28th @ 5:00

-Picture Day Tuesday September 26th 

-Reading Passage Test on Wednesday September 27th 


Specials Smith

Mon. – PE

Tues. – Art

Wed. – PE

Thurs. – Art

Fri. – PE

Specials Bosworth

Mon. – PE

Tues. – Music

Wed. – PE

Thurs. – Music

Fri - PE

Upcoming News

-Monster Mash Saturday October 21st @ 4:00



Recent Posts

Next Week Reminders

We are back in the swing of things and rocking and rolling.....
We have a lot coming up next week.... 

-Open House Thursday September 28th @ 5:00

-Picture Day Tuesday September 26th 

-Reading Passage Test on Wednesday September 27th


Have a great weekend! 

Texas Regions Salt Dough Project

Salt Dough Project - Texas Regions

We have been studying landforms, vegetation, and climate of each of the four major regions of Texas. Each student will be required to create a three-dimensional model “salt dough map” of the landforms and regions. This project will be constructed in class.

We need your assistance to help your child make the recipe below for this project and send it in by Monday, September 18th in a gallon sized Ziploc bag.

Dough Recipe:

1 cup flour

1 cup salt

2/3 cup cold water

In a bowl, mix salt and flour until blended. Add just enough water to make mixture the consistency of a thick icing or playdoh. Stir thoroughly and store in a Ziploc bag. It should not stick to your hands, it should not be runny.

Thank you so much for your help!  This should be a fun project!

Spelling Words (Sept. 5th - 8th)

Here is the spelling list that was combined from last week and this week :)
"a" vowel (Lesson 1) - a_e, ay, ai
1.) amaze
2.) blade
3.) sale
4.) stale
5.) gray
6.) crayon
7.) delay
8.) jail
9.) stain
10.) drain
"e" vowel (Lesson 2) - e, ee, ea
11.) west
12.) kept
13.) steep
14.) freedom
15.) speed
16.) greed
17.) beast
18.) cheap
19.) least
20.) reason

September 5th - 8th

 Wow!  What a crazy week!  I hope that everyone made out okay with the floods.  
We will start school Tuesday September 5th.  Homework and spelling will start this week too.  I will mix the "a" and "e" vowel lists (week 2 and 3) together for our spelling test Friday.  Students will have the words in their planner to study.
Please let me know if you have any questions. 
I can't wait to see my students on Tuesday!!!!!

Great First Day!

 We had a great first day!  I can't wait until tomorrow!  It's going to be an amazing year!  
Please remember that you can send a water bottle with your child to keep in class.  It's hot!  
Also, there is no homework this week.  But, students can do their "name research" in their red homework folder if they like.
Have a great evening!