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Courtney Cogan » Ms. Twining in a NUTSHELL

Ms. Twining in a NUTSHELL

Well hello, I'm Mrs. Cogan, some of you may know me as Ms. Twining. I just got married in July!!!!!! I graduated from Sam Houston State in 2013. Some fun facts about myself, I hate working out, I love eating, traveling, I enjoy riding horses, I am NOT artistic, but I am super crafty ( I'm obsessed with HOBBY LOBBY) and I love spending time with family and friends. I have a 5 pound Yorkie, Marco-Polo. I named him that so when I can’t find him I can yell "MARCO" and then "POLO" and he comes running... I thought it was funny to yell so I can make him look like he knows how to play that game! We also just got a puppy and my husband, Daniel, named him Fenway after the baseball park in Boston. I've taught English in both Taiwan and Spain. No, I don't speak Spanish or Cantonese. Sorry I am not that cool. I have twin sisters who are 11 years younger than me and they just got their learners permit and started their second year of college classes. I have a little brother, Nathan,who is 16 years younger than me. We adopted him from Haiti and he is inspiring to be a Bull Rider!  I have two older siblings who are out in the working world. My brother is in Industrial Distribution and my sister is a busy stay at home mom to my beautiful niece Savannah. I can’t wait to meet you all and hope you’re ready to have some fun and learn lots of new things this year. SEE YOU SOON!