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Welcome to First Grade!
So, for a little bit about me....
I studied elementary ed at Texas State and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Besides my elementary certification, I have also received my ESL supplemental. This will be my ninthyear in the classroom; I taught kindergarten for six years, and I spent the last three years teaching first grade.

I have a great family that includes my husband (Jay), four dogs (Katie,
Peanut, Ishmael and Danzig), and my little girl, Evie Isabella Grimes. I follow a vegan diet, so I won't join in when the kids are snacking. In my free time I love to read (I am a HUGE reader), paint, and cook.

As a teacher:
I believe in high standards and teaching the children an element of responsibility for their own learning. I like to get the children very invested in the classroom so that they feel responsible in part for its' successes and setbacks. I do my best to encourage both creativity and logic. I think learning to think in different ways should be taught in every class. I love learning; it's something that I get excited and animated about, and I hope to pass that love on to the students who come through my room. In the primary grades we have the unique ability to set the tone for how children view education; my goal is to make that as positive as possible. Children should love learning!

Recent Posts

chick pictures/summer playdate

 Happy Summer Parents!

Several of the first grade teachers like to get together and invite the kids to the park during the summer. It's fun for the kids to get together again and we'll bring popsicles! Evie and I hope to see you at Burroughs Park from 9-10:30 on June 22nd!


I want to thank you all for an amazing year; this has been a very special group of kiddos. 
Several of the first grade teachers like to get together and invite the kids to the park once or twice during the summer (it's fun for the kids to get together again, Evie will be there, and we'll bring popsicles!). I'm thinking one day in June and maybe a second one in July. Keep an eye on remind for the invite!!
Notes for tomorrow:
-The party will be from 9:30-10:30 (I hope to see y'all there!!!)
-You can check out after the party or early dismissal is at 12:50
-I do not need folders back
-please send your kiddo in their class shirt one last time!!
-We don't need backpacks tomorrow
-Report cards will go home tomorrow

Important notes!!!

Hi parents, we are in the home stretch!!!
Please do a search of your homes for any books with a "Mrs. Grimes" sticker on them. The kids have been very responsible this year, but I want to make sure all of my books are returned!
Beware the summer slide!! Research has shown that kiddos who aren't kept working over the summer can lose up to 2 months of school. I can personally tell you that I've seen kiddos regress by 3-4 reading levels when they haven't been kept busy. Please have a plan for your child!!!
Some ideas to help keep your child practicing:
-make a weekly trip to the library
-have your kiddo tell you about the books they're reading
-have your kiddo read 20-30 minutes every day
-get a "summer bridge" workbook and have your child complete 2-3 pages a day (please check them!)
-join a summer camp or summer school
-find a tutor to keep your child practicing
-set "school hours" where you work with your kiddo
-have your child keep a summer journal/write about all of the fun things they do
-use the MyOn reading program
-practice math on Prodigy
Whatever works for your family, please have a plan in place :)
Wednesday - Art Day - You have blossomed in creativity this year!  Let's spend a day crafting fun things you've learned! (Please bring your favorite craft activity that is small enough for your backpack.  Examples: sidewalk chalk, play-doh, scratch art, fun markers, beads, etc.  Michael's and Hobby Lobby have great craft ideas for kids.  I will also have my share of craft supplies for kids to play with as well).
Thursday - Last Day!  Party at 9:30-10:30.  You can check out after the party or early dismissal is at 12:50.  Lots of hugs to be given!  Thank you all for an amazing year!

Yearbooks tomorrow

Hi Parents,
The first graders will all gather tomorrow afternoon to sign each other's yearbooks.  If your child has a yearbook, please make sure it is in their backpack for tomorrow.  If a student does not have a yearbook, we have been working on a little memory book in class that they can have their friend sign.
If you would like a yearbook, they are on sale at the front desk for $25 and must be paid for with a check or money order made out to Timber Creek Elementary School/TCES.  Principal Thompson sent out an email about this today.  All books are being sold “first come, first serve” and when they’re gone, they’re gone… we cannot restock for additional sales.

Objectives for the week of May 22-26

 Welcome to Camp Reads-a-lot!  Tomorrow we will have an amazing Read-In day!  Things to bring: favorite books, flashlight, stuffed friend, blanket (as long as it all fits in your backpack).  We will have a few mystery readers throughout the day.  I still have 2 spots available, you can sign up at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KWmyrjtdEXYgojHTxxAkkYnPsyFnsOT3IQqDac73zkg/edit?usp=sharing

Objectives for the week:
ELA: We will review spelling words through jeopardy type games, have an awesome read in and promote reading during the summer to make us ready for second grade! We will write letters to the new student that will sit at our desks in the fall as well as a letter to your first grade teacher telling about your experience in their classroom.
Math: We will continue to make the bridge to 2nd grade by reviewing concepts and taking them a step further: place value with larger numbers and simple 2 digit addition. Mathapalooza on Thursday!
Science: Review habitats and take a final walk through our science books.
Social Studies: We will review concepts learned throughout the year and create memory books.  

Pet food drive

In honor of National Pet Month, Timber Creek Gives and the PTO will be holding a Pet Food Food Drive honoring Montgomery County Animal Shelter and Abandoned Animal Rescue of Tomball. The drive will be held May 22-26. Please consider donating wet or dry adult dog or cat food, dry puppy or kitten food, puppy or kitten paté, gently used towels, or gently used blankets. You can send your donations in your child's backpack and they can drop them off at the Timber Creek Gives table in the hallway by the front entrance. Please join us as we help improve the lives of homeless animals and honor the beloved pets in our lives. Thank you.     

Objectives (and notes!!) for May 15

All library books are due.  Please also start looking for any books that belong to our classroom library - thank you!
Friday we will have an author visit us in the library, Michael White.
Next Monday we will have a Read-a-thon.  I would like to invite 5 parents to be a mystery reader to surprise the kids at different times throughout the day.  If you are available to read aloud to our class, or help provide a snack, please follow this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KWmyrjtdEXYgojHTxxAkkYnPsyFnsOT3IQqDac73zkg/edit?usp=sharing
Last call for Scholastic orders. I'm submitting it tonight at 9! This is the last one of the year, so stock up for summer!!
Only 12 more days of 1st grade, can you believe it!! Major grades will all be in this Friday, but we will still have daily grades next week.
Objectives for the week:
ELA: Students will read and write words with contractions(NO MORE SPELLING TESTS - HOORAY!);  we will review author's purpose for writing a story (to persuade, inform, or entertain) and practice retelling stories.  We will complete a fiction writing assignment for a major grade.
Math: Complete measurement unit (test on Friday over measuring length, time to hour and half hour, data and graphing).  We will also take our spring math benchmark this week - this will be divided over two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and we will be reviewing for measurement all week long.
Science: We will look at how young animals resemble their parents and look at life cycles (test on Thursday)
Social Studies: We will review concepts learned throughout the year.  

Field day reminders!

Our field day is tomorrow from 9-11:05. I hope to see many of you there!
Please send your kiddo in their Grimes class shirt.
They need  to wear comfortable clothes to play in (but still follow dress code); they will get wet! 
Any sunscreen should be put on at home (I can't put it on the kids).
Please send: SOCKS, SHOES, UNDERWEAR, AND CLOTHES FOR YOUR KIDDO TO CHANGE INTO. I would also recommend a towel and a bag to hold their wet items.
We should have a fun day!!!

Hi Parents,

Our chicks are thriving and we are in need of some fresh litter for their container.  Does anyone have some already similar to this photo or would someone be able to pick us up a bag?  We anticipate them staying at school through this week and perhaps next week before they are relocated to the farm :)  We have enjoyed watching them grow - they are getting big!

Objectives for April 8th (and lots of notes!)

*STAAR testing this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Our campus will be closed to visitors.  Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will rock this!
*Friday is Field Day from 9-11 - Please wear our class tshirt!  Students will need to wear tennis shoes and may wear a swimsuit under their clothes and bring a towel - they will get wet!  Please pack clean/dry clothes including underwear, socks and shoes to change into afterwards. Parents are very welcome to join us.  Coach Kruppa is also looking for volunteers to help!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e084daaac23a3fe3-tces
**Math Benchmark- Next week we'll have our Spring math benchmark. It will cover all units that we have done this year. Over the next week is a great time to increase math practice at home to help review. Prodigy is a great resource as well as your math textbook. Any tests that you may have saved are great resources as well.
***Scholastic orders will be due Friday. This will be my last order of the year to make sure things arrive on time. Please make sure that all kiddos keep reading over the summer so no one suffers the "summer slide"-we've worked hard on our reading levels and don't want to lose them! If you want recommendations based on your kiddos current reading level please let me know!
Objectives for the week:
ELA: Students will read and write words with inflectional endings - review of -s, -es, -ing, and -ed (Spelling test on Thursday due to Friday's Field Day); we will practice our fluency while reading and start a new fiction writing assignment
Math: Continue measurement unit by collecting data to create bar and picture graphs (measurement test will be next Friday, May 19th over measuring length, time to hour and half hour, data and graphing)
Science: We will look at how young animals resemble their parents and look at life cycles (life cycles test will be May 18th)
Social Studies: We will create simple timelines using our class birthdays and holidays that occur throughout the year.

Lots of notes...

Parents, I've started end of the year testing; I'm excited to be able to show our kiddos growth! I will keep reading groups going while I test, but they may be a little less frequent than I usually am able to do. I will get through the testing as quickly as possible, though!
Without going into too many details, I've got to brag on our kiddos. We took our STAR 360 math test today, and our kids blew it out of the water! I am so proud of our kids!!!
We are sending terrariums home today. Some of the kiddos have live plants, and some of the kiddos have cuttings we were hoping would take hold. We're encouraging the kids to find 2-3 rolly pollys to add to their terrariums to really see examples of interdependence (I'm told they can live off of a small piece of potato for a very long time!).