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Welcome to First Grade!
So, for a little bit about me....
I studied elementary ed at Texas State and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Besides my elementary certification, I have also received my ESL supplemental, as well as my Art EC-12 certification. This will be my eleventh year in the classroom; I taught kindergarten for many years, and I spent the last several years teaching first grade.

I have a great family that includes my husband (Jay), four dogs (Katie, Peanut, Ishmael and Danzig), and my little girl, Evie Isabella Grimes. I follow a vegan diet, which is an important part of my personal life. In my free time I love to read (I am a HUGE reader), paint, and cook.

As a teacher:
I believe in high standards and teaching the children responsibility for their own learning. I like to get the children very invested in the classroom so that they feel responsible in part for its' successes and setbacks. I do my best to encourage both creativity and logic. I think learning to think in different ways should be taught in every class. I love learning; it's something that I get excited and animated about, and I hope to pass that love on to the students who come through my room. In the primary grades we have the unique ability to set the tone for how children view education; my goal is to make that as positive as possible. Children should love learning!

Recent Posts

Fall conferences

K-2 open house is re-scheduled for this Thursday, Sept. 21st from 5-7; I hope to see everyone there! This is the time to come in and find out about the nuts and bolts of our classroom and first grade.
I would like to meet with each family during the month of October for parent/teacher conferences. Please follow this link to sign up
I'm looking forward to talking with you all on where your kiddos are at and what our focus will be for growth!

Objective week of 9/18

Last week we had 10 friends log in and play prodigy...we are working towards 100% participation!

Book bags-please make sure your kiddo brings their bag to school every day (I meet with kids several times a week and they need to be ready). Also, please make sure your kiddo reads every night at home. Re-reading a book helps build fluency and encourages growth!

*Computer lab days are Tuesdays.  Please keep sending in the headphones (we will use them every week)

K-2 open house is re-scheduled for the 21st; I hope to see everyone there! This is the time to come in and find out about the nuts and bolts of our classroom and first grade.

Our Objectives for the week are:

Math: understanding and solving addition and subtraction word problems. Creating our own addition and subtraction word problems vocab: difference, sum, part-part-whole, equal

Science: Continue talking about matter and classify objects by properties (size, shape, and color) vocab: larger, smaller, heavier, lighter

ELA: Students will read and write words with short vowel i (Spelling Test on Friday); readers make connections as they reads; writers have a beginning/middle/end to their story

Social Studies: rules and laws at home, school and community

Book bags!!

I've made it through the reading testing! I went ahead and gave the kids their book bags with their first book. I didn't get to do a full lesson with each group, but I wanted to make sure the kids had a book to practice with this weekend.
If you haven't returned your yellow reading permission slip, please get that in to me!


If you took pictures at meet-the-teacher please e-mail them to me. I will upload them for yearbook consideration!
Also, last call for September scholastic; I'll submit that order before bed tonight.

Spelling and homework

Math Homework
Prodigy- please make sure to log on and use prodigy; it gives the kids excellent math practice! Last week we had 9 kids log on, this week we have had 3 so far. I would like to get to all 20 practicing every week! I also get data on what the kids are getting right and what they are missing, so this program helps me to better serve them.
Math book pages- occasionally we will send home math book pages (we don't use the textbook every week, so it is very sporadic). These pages are not mandatory, but since they are good practice, if the kids complete them and bring them back they can start in sticker basket for the day.
Please note that though we practice the spelling words each week the kids may need to practice at home as well. Our first spelling test will go home in tomorrow's Wednesday folder.
If your kiddo got a rough grade on the first spelling test please understand that all of the spelling tests for this 9 weeks will average into one major grade, so one lower grade will not harm them too much. However, if your kiddo got a lower grade they might need a little more practice at home each week.
Grading: each word counts as a problem. We also dictate a sentence that the kids must write. Each word in the sentence counts as a problem, as well as the capital at the beginning, and the punctuation at the end. This week we had 15 words, but with our sentence points it brings it up to 22 problems.
In the sentence I will take off 1 point (not one problem) if the kids have a capital where it doesn't belong or if they don't have a space between words. This is because the sentence is there to practice writing a sentence correctly.
-at this time of year I only take off for letter reversals if it changes the word ex: changing den to ben
-at this time of year I do not take off for incorrect capitals that are not part of the sentence, however, later in the year we will
I hope this makes sense...one of the biggest differences from kinder to first is getting used to grades, so I will try to be as clear and upfront as possible!

Objectives Sept 11-15th

Our library day will be on Wednesdays this school year.  Please make sure library books are brought to school that day.

*Computer lab days are Tuesdays.  Please keep sending in the headphones (we will be working on beginning of the year testing for reading and math in the computer lab soon and will need them).

I will start reading assessments tomorrow...I'm excited to get that done and start reading groups. My goal is to get them done this week.

K-2 open house is re-scheduled for the 21st; I hope to see everyone there!

*Myon pop party on Friday at 3:00 PM for students who turned in their pink summer reading sheets.

Our Objectives for the week are:

Math: making ten and understanding the equals sign.  Unit 1 math test will be on Wednesday over addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10.

Science: Continue talking about matter and classify objects by properties (size, shape, and color); science test on Thursday

ELA: Students will read and write words with short vowel e (Spelling Test on Friday); readers will choose good fit books; writers generate ideas for writing

Social Studies: Celebrate Freedom Week -  Explain how patriotic customs and celebrations reflect American individualism and freedom

quick notes

Hello Parents,
Thank you for a great first week back! The kids are doing fabulously; I think we are going to have an amazing year together!
A couple of quick notes:
We had our first mystery reader today (the kids had so much fun!). We did run in to one hitch with that time, though, so we are going to have to push mystery reader time back to 1:20 instead of 12:50. If you've already signed up please make note of the new time. Thank you!!
Thank you to the parents who have helped their kiddos log on to prodigy math. If you haven't managed to yet, I encourage you to try this weekend. It takes a few times to really get going, but the kids love this program, and it really does encourage a lot of math practice. My class last year was completing a combined average of 500-600 math problems a week!
Scholastic flyers went home in Wednesday folders this week. It is a great program to build both your home library as well as our classroom library. Every kiddo needs books at home to practice with, and theirs are high interest as well as relatively cheap. If you decide to order please make sure to use our classroom code GW4ZB so that our class can earn bonus points as well as free books and resources. I maintain my classroom library through scholastic bonus points, so it really does make a tangible difference in our room. If you need specific directions on how to order please check the scholastic page listed on the right. ***Scholastic orders will be due at the end of this week


The 2017-2018 PTO Membership Drive is going on NOW until September 15th
Stay connected and informed by registering through our quick and easy online portal. Membership is a great way to find out about upcoming fun family events, opportunities and activities for your student(s) and how YOU can get involved in your child's school! 
Go to join.myschoolanywhere.com and enter TCESPTO to register
  • The $10 Annual Membership fee per family will give parents access to the secure online school directory
A strong partnership between parents and faculty at TCES helps your child succeed!! 
Help our class win extra recess, the class in each grade with the highest participation will win extra recess and if the PTO reaches the membership goal of 80%, ALL STUDENTS will get extra recess!! 

Objectives and notes for the week of Sept 5th

 Hi Parents,
Each week I will share announcements and our classroom objectives so that you can help support your child at home.  We will begin visiting the computer lab this Tuesday.  If you have not sent in headphones for your child, just send them when you can.  It will be fine if they do not have them this week.  
The front office has developed a short form to help with dismissal this week. They want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible after our hiatus; please take a minute to fill it out: https://goo.gl/forms/qIR5eFhkXSN36nnu2
I've missed the kids and am definitely ready to get back to it; hoping to see all of my kiddos on Tuesday!

Math: using a part-part-whole diagram (3+7=10, 3 and 7 are parts, when put together 10 is the whole). We will use the part-part-whole diagram to both add and subtract. 

Science: observe and record properties of objects, including relative size and mass, such as bigger or smaller and heavier or lighter, shape, color, and texture

ELA: Students will read and write words with short vowel a (first Spelling Test on Friday); introduce different parts of a book and the information it provides; writers will learn how writers workshop works in our classroom and how to keep writing organized.

Social Studies: understand how rules and laws are made and why they are important in the home, school, and community


Hi Parents!
The first grade team was able to meet yesterday to work on our curriculum plans for keeping our students on track for this grading period. We are missing our students and can't wait to get back into our routines with them!
This grading period is only 8 weeks long, with the first week being all about routines, and with one week lost due to the storm, we will have to hit the ground running.
Here is a revised adjustment of the spelling - feel free to start looking over the short a words with your child that are located in their homework folders.
Week of Sept. 5th - short a
Week of Sept. 11th - short e
Week of Sept. 18th - short i
Week of Sept 25th- short o
Week of Oct. 2 - short u
(omitting short vowel review week)
Week of Oct. 10 - digraphs sh/ch

Please let us know if you have any questions! ​

Prodigy homework

 Hi Parents!
I want to thank you again for helping us have an amazing first week; we truly have a fabulous class! Each day we add to our routines and get further into our schedule. As we get those pieces added I'll try to update you through Edlio or remind.
Some parents have noticed the prodigy website in your homework folder. I have assigned the kids a log in (based on their initials) and password. This is an amazing program for a variety of reasons. If you want to get started right away please feel free to get started. If you feel more comfortable waiting until after open house that's fine as well.
Benefits of Prodigy:
-it looks like a video game so the kids love to play it (as they first get on there is less math as they get their character set. As they answer questions correctly it will give more questions with higher difficulty)
-I can tailor the program to give the students questions about the standards we are currently working on
-I can assign quizzes to test the students on a particular standard
-it analyzes the data for me-I can see what questions the class is missing which allows me to know what we need to work on

Great First Day!

 Parents, I want to thank you and your kiddos for a fabulous first day! The kids worked hard at learning routines and expectations, and we had a ton of fun together. Thank you for your positive words and notes; I am so excited about this year!

Objectives week of 8/22


Week of August 22 - 25 

Our Objectives for this week will include getting to know one another, understanding our classroom rules and expectations, and to have fun while learning!
A note about snacks: We will have a time at the end of the school day to have a healthy snack.  Each child is responsible for bringing their own snack.  They will not be allowed to share food.  Snacks should be easy to open, not require a utensil to eat it with, and not be messy.  Please note that we have a peanut allergy in our classroom, so be mindful when choosing snack options.  Healthy snack ideas: graham crackers, goldfish crackers, fruit chews, cereal, cheese sticks, etc.  Water bottles may also be used in the classroom.  Sports pop tops are ideal to help prevent spills.  Only water is allowed in the water bottles.
I have also updated the mystery reader and Wednesday helper sign up sheets. They can be located under the "want to volunteer" tab. We would love to have you volunteer!
Here is a link to an adorable bedtime story: The Night Before First Grade.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqduXNIgK0g  I hope you all remember to open your envelope that I sent home with you on Monday night :)
Looking forward to a great first day of school on Tuesday!  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!
~Mrs. Grimes

Meet the Teacher

 Parents, I want to thank you for an amazing meet the teacher;  I enjoyed getting to meet everyone, and I am definitely excited to start the year! Meeting all of the kids tonight, I feel that we have a very special and sweet class this year.
I played around with the remind app tonight (trying to figure out why it gave me so much grief today!). I was able to use the directions listed below to sign myself (and my husband!) up for texts. Please try again and let me know if there are any other problems.
Remind instructions:
Text @rgrimes17 to the number 81010. If that number doesn't work you can try texting to 832-532-1810.
I use the Edlio for weekly updates and important school information, but I use  Remind anytime we have quick reminders or notes. I also like to send out pictures of what our class is doing so parents can see what we are up to!
Have a great weekend, and I will see you all Tuesday!